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Israeli Govt Seizes 30 Crypto Wallets Linked to Hamas Funding


cryptoknowmics.com 01 March 2022 04:45, UTC
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Israel’s Defense Ministry has seized 30 crypto wallets from 12 accounts, owned by the Mutahadun exchange company alleged to have assisted with the funding of Hamas.

Israeli Govt Seize Hamas Linked Crypto Accounts

According to a press statement from the National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing of Israel (NBCTF), the crypto wallets belong to businesses associated with the exchange company al-Mutahadun who is accused of funding the terrorist organization Hamas. Commenting on the matter, Benny Gantz, Defense Minister of the country, said:

“We continue to expand our tools to deal with terrorism and with companies that supply it with an economic oxygen pipeline.”

In addition, he further praised all the organizations that took part in the operation. “We will continue to work together in order to fight terror by any means and in any way,” Gantz added.

Cryptocurrencies and the Israel-Palestine Dispute

This is not the first time cryptocurrencies have been confiscated concerning the Israel-Palestine dispute. Earlier this year, the Israeli government seized more than $800,000 worth of digital assets from a firm linked to Hamas. Similarly, in July 2021, Israel’s National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing confiscated $7.7 million in cryptocurrencies from 84 addresses linked to Hamas. Per the seizure order, it was found that Tether (USDT) stablecoin was the most used digital asset by the organization including Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (TRX), Ether (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE) in the top five.

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