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Norton 360 offers crypto-mining extension services


www.cryptopolitan.com 06 January 2022 00:11, UTC
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• The Norton 360 extension is installed automatically on your computer.
• Antivirus users believe that the crypto project is badly executed.

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, and many flagship companies like Norton are joining it now. Recently the antivirus management company showed how well they have done in decentralized commerce with their mining integrated into the software.

Users have reported that the antivirus has a mining option in its subscription version. This alternative used to extract cryptos is good for many people, although there are also non-conformities due to the extension.

Norton Antivirus advances for crypto mining

Norton, considered one of the best antiviruses for laptops, added its crypto mining extension in the third quarter of 2021. However, the extension had gone unnoticed among most users.

In the weeks leading to 2022, the company improved to make the mining work properly. But these updates did not change the policies and have left people unhappy.

Users suggest that Norton 360, the name that comes with the mining extension, slows down the pc and offers no real profit, so its operation is null. The only advantage that some users may have is that the mining extension requires a minimum requirement of 6 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA model video card. In case of not complying with the established requirements, the extension will not work on the computer automatically.

If the computer meets the requirements but does not want to use the crypto mining extension, there is sadly no way to pause the process.

Antivirus’ clarifications on crypto mining

Norton antivirus clarifies that it developed the crypto-mining extension so its users can obtain Ethereum through a simple process. The crypto project looks refreshing, but its popularity may plummet without free will.

Norton does not lend the mining extension for free but asks for 15 percent of the proceeds. But the company charges an interest rate for transferring the funds to a crypto exchange. It is outrageous to see a project as poorly organized as the one provided by antivirus, and it also discredits the crypto market in general.

Complaints about the antivirus may be present shortly, considering that at least 50 percent of your customers are unsatisfied with the service. But some users say that the mining extension in the antivirus has allowed them to have real profits, but without mentioning how much Ethereum they extract in the month.

For now, Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, Ether, is trading at $3,811 with a slight rise of 0.65 percent from its price in the last week. Ether has become the second most lucrative option to mine cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin because it is simpler.

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