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New Kaspa (KAS) Mining Pools Go Live on BSC and Polygon

source-logo  coincodex.com 14 December 2023 15:35, UTC

Key highlights:

  • Kaspa, known for its speedy GhostDAG blockchain, just launched pools on Polygon and BNB Chain. You can now provide liquidity for Kaspa paired with MATIC or BNB tokens.
  • With Polygon's massive user base, this cross-chain pool promises plenty of profit potential. The KAS-WBNB pool takes advantage of BNB Smart Chain's speed and low costs.
  • According to CoinCodex, Kaspa's price jumped 5% and our algorithm predicts it'll hit 14 cents within a month.

The GhostDAG protocol, which underpins the fast and efficient Kaspa blockchain, continues to expand its reach. Two new mining pools have recently launched, presenting newcomers and veterans alike with fresh avenues for participating in securing the network.

To establish more liquidity for $KAS on different chains with @SmarDex, KAS/WBNB and KAS/WMATIC farming campaigns and pools have now been deployed on BSC and Polygon!@KaspaCurrency ?

APRs will start soon.

Visit https://t.co/iDbZ3w9XMH to benefit from an unbeatable ROI! pic.twitter.com/epHDsQrHlm

— SmarDex.io (@SmarDex) December 13, 2023

Powered by SmarDex, pools pairing Kaspa with both WMATIC on Polygon and WBNB on BNB Smart Chain are now live. These multi-chain mining operations introduce KAS to an entirely new set of users across two extremely popular layer-2 networks.

For dedicated Kaspa community members, these pools broaden opportunities to earn passive income from their stake.

MATIC mixup

The KAS-WMATIC pool presents an enticing way for MetaMask mavens to get their feet wet in liquidity mining. As the go-to network for decentralized applications and an entry point for Ethereum users, Polygon is home to millions of daily users.

The KAS-WMATIC pool operates identical to other liquidity pools, with users receiving steady mining rewards simply for providing equal amounts of the two tokens. With Polygon's explosive growth showing no signs of slowing, this cross-chain pool promises plentiful rewards for early adopters.

BNB bonanza

Similarly, BNB Smart Chain's cheaper, faster environment makes the KAS-WBNB pool an appealing proposition.

Image: KAS-WMATIC Pool and Stake Details

How to access the pools

The process to begin mining KAS on these new networks is quite straightforward. Users simply need to connect their wallet to Smardex and head to the pool pages. From there they can add liquidity to the KAS/WMATIC or KAS/BNB pools and immediately start earning rewards from transaction fees and block mining.

For those new to liquidity providing or yield farming, Smardex does an excellent job of explaining how it all works. And their interface makes the process very easy to follow. Best of all, there's no complex setting up of individual wallets or delegates - it's all streamlined through one portal.

Among the signs of encouraged growth, KAS's price reacted positively in proximity to the SmarDex announcements. According to tracking site CoinCodex, KAS climbed over 5% in the last 24 hours to $0.1284 at the time of writing.

CoinCodex's KAS price prediction algorithm provides useful clues on what these developments could mean in the long run. They forecast KAS to reach $0.1398 within a month, representing a modest 9% increase.