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Factors Affecting Bitcoin Mining Profitability Revealed by JPMorgan | COINOTAG NEWS

source-logo  en.coinotag.com 11 October 2023 13:47, UTC
  • Bitcoin mining sector experiences significant changes, with JPMorgan shedding light on its prospects.
  • Pending approval of a BTC ETF might fuel a market rally.
  • Hashrates, block reward halving, and energy costs are major factors influencing mining profitability.

As Bitcoin mining evolves, JPMorgan provides insights into its future, spotlighting influential factors like ETFs, hashrates, and power costs. This article breaks down the bank’s research, offering a comprehensive look at the road ahead.

Anticipation Surrounds Spot BTC ETF Decision

With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponing its verdict on the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF, the crypto industry is abuzz with anticipation. Many stakeholders believe that an affirmative decision will act as a catalyst, drawing significant mainstream capital into the crypto realm, potentially setting the stage for a substantial market rally.

JPMorgan’s Stance on Mining Operators

Delving deep into the mining landscape, JPMorgan analysts Reginald Smith and Charles Pearce have initiated research coverage on prominent players like CleanSpark, Marathon Digital, Riot Platforms, and Cipher Mining. Their evaluation criteria hinge on factors such as existing hashrates, operational efficiency, power contracts, growth strategies, and liquidity. The bank ranks CleanSpark highest due to its harmonious blend of scale, growth prospects, power costs, and relative value. Marathon, despite being the most substantial operator, is flagged for its elevated energy costs and thin margins. Riot’s high stock value, juxtaposed with its low power costs and liquidity, has also been highlighted. Cipher Mining, on the other hand, boasts the lowest energy costs but faces growth constraints, according to the report.

The Impending Block Reward Halving: Profits at Risk?

The bank’s research indicates that the four-year block reward opportunity for the mining industry stands at a staggering $20 billion, gauging by the current bitcoin prices. However, there’s a significant challenge looming on the horizon. The expected block reward halving in 2024 might dent profitability. JPMorgan’s estimates hint at potential risks to as much as 20% of the network’s hashrate, especially as less efficient mining rigs may be phased out.


Bitcoin mining is undoubtedly at a watershed moment. The intricate interplay of regulatory decisions, technological advancements, and market dynamics will shape its future trajectory. JPMorgan’s research offers a comprehensive lens to view these developments, highlighting both opportunities and challenges. For investors and industry players alike, understanding these nuances will be critical to navigating the evolving landscape successfully.