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Bitcoin Mining in 2023: 18 Profitable ASIC Devices and the Dominance of Three Major Manufacturers Revealed

source-logo  news.bitcoin.com 16 May 2023 08:44, UTC

According to statistics from mid-May 2023, 18 different application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) bitcoin mining devices are profitable using today’s bitcoin exchange rates. Additionally, the top bitcoin mining machines today are made by three prominent ASIC manufacturers, as fabrication competition these days is limited.

18 ASICs Profit With Electricity Costs at $0.12 per kWh and Today’s Bitcoin Exchange Rates

The average hashrate of the Bitcoin blockchain over the last 2,016 blocks stands at approximately 353.9 exahash per second (EH/s) at present. In an impressive feat this month, on May 2, 2023, at block height 787,895, the network reached an unprecedented peak of 491.15 EH/s. Meanwhile, the price of bitcoin (BTC) has been steadily hovering slightly below the $27K mark. Real-time mining rig data gathered from asicminervalue.com reveals that there are 18 profitable SHA-256 ASIC miners in operation using current BTC exchange rates.

The top six most profitable bitcoin mining rigs according to asicminervalue.com.

Given the present value of BTC and the rapid surge in hashrate, one might expect a multitude of ASIC manufacturers to be actively crafting advanced mining rigs in 2023. Surprisingly, however, the landscape is dominated by just three prominent ASIC fabricators exclusively focused on designing mining rigs for bitcoin extraction: Bitmain, Microbt, and Canaan. All 18 of the leading ASIC bitcoin miners, compatible with SHA-256 and currently generating profits, originate from these three manufacturers.

The top three most prominent bitcoin mining rig producers in 2023.

The Top 6 Most Profitable ASIC Bitcoin Miners on the Market in 2023

The top bitcoin mining rig is the Bitmain Antminer S19 XP Hydro, boasting a hashrate of 255 terahash per second (TH/s). With its establishment dating back to 2013, Bitmain has cemented its presence in the industry over the years, manufacturing 10 out of today’s top 18 ASIC miners. Taking into account current BTC exchange rates, data reveals that the S19 XP Hydro yields an estimated daily profit of approximately $9.29, factoring in an electricity cost of $0.12 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

The Bitmain Antminer S19 XP Hydro (pictured left) and the Antminer S19 XP (pictured right).

In close pursuit, the Antminer S19 XP, producing 140 TH/s, firmly secures its position as the second most lucrative ASIC rig. The S19 XP rakes in an estimated daily profit of $4.82 while upholding the same electricity costs. Trailing closely behind is Microbt’s Whatsminer M56S, commanding 212 TH/s and claiming the spot as the third most profitable bitcoin miner in the current market. Projections suggest that the M56S yields a daily profit of $4.44.

The Microbt-brand Whatsminer M56S (pictured left) and the Canaan Avalon-made A1366 (pictured right).

Following suit, the Antminer S19k Pro produces a hashrate of 136 TH/s, while the Antminer S19 Pro+ Hydro clocks in at 198 TH/s. These two miners are estimated to generate a daily profit ranging from $3.40 to $3.70. The fifth most profitable ASIC mining rig is Canaan’s Avalon A1366 which produces 130 TH/s. At $0.12 per kWh, the Avalon A1366 gets an estimated $3.17 per day in profit.

With electricity costs set at $0.12 per kilowatt hour (kWh) and considering the prevailing BTC prices, a total of 18 mining devices prove to be profitable. However, if the electricity rate drops below $0.12 per kWh, a broader range of machines with lower terahash outputs become financially viable.

While the global average electricity rate hovers around $0.14 per kWh, there’s a decent amount of countries, including Iran, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Cape Verde, Brazil, Central African Republic, Bhutan, and Azerbaijan, among others, where electricity rates range from $0.01 to $0.05 per kWh.