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The Rigel Nvidia GPU Miner Has Introduced Support for NEXA Mining

source-logo  cryptomining-blog.com 24 January 2023 23:25, UTC

The Rigel Nvidia GPU is a newcomer on the mining software front and apparently is less than two months old since its initial release, supports just a few crypto algorithms, but looks nice with it the terminal user interface it provides. We haven’t used it up until now, but it has attracted our attention with the addition of support for the nexapow algorithm used by the NEXA project that is lately ginning quite a lot of attention among miners and crypto traders. The Nexapow mining supports comes with a 2% developer fee, but it is apparently well worth it as the miner manages to bring up the hashrate on average about 10% in our quick tests compared to the performance that the previous best performer BzMiner manages to get you at the moment. Both BzMiner and the Rigel miner do only support Nvidia GPUs for mining NEXA, if you want to mine it on AMD GPUs you need to stick the third option which is WildRig Multi that supports AMD and Nvidia GPUs for mining NEXA.

At the moment the Rigel GPU miner is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems, supports only Nvidia video cards and supports mining of etchash (ETC), ethash (ETHW), kheavyhash (Kaspa), nexapow (Nexa) and zil (Zilliqa). The miner does support dual and triple mining with a GPU and memory intensive coins from the supported algorithms and/or ZIL, but it seems that currently nexapow + zil dual mining is not working properly, so you might want to hold it and mine only NEXA until an update is released. The miner also has support for command line overclocking and optimizing the performance of the GPU, and these also do seem to work quite well. If the Rigel miner is new to you just like for us, then you might want to play around with it not only for NEXA mining. Kaspa (KAS) miners might also want to take a look at the miner, especially Windows users as they can get slightly better performance with a very slightly lower developer fee compared to lolMiner and still get the same command line overclocking options to maximize performance and lower the power usage.