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Bring Awareness to Acknowledge the Metaverse Addiction

source-logo  coinquora.com 04 July 2022 16:14, UTC

On July 3, at the MetaDecrypt Web 3.0 Summit in Dubai, which was organized by Khaleej Times, Emmanuel Quezada, CEO of U-Topia Metaverse, spoke about the effects of the metaverse on people.

Quezada said that the metaverse could make adults and youngsters more addicted to the new technology, which would harm their mental and physical health. His workaround for this was to limit people how much time they spend in the metaverse.

According to sources, Quezada encouraged the government to take action and raise awareness against the excessive use of social media and the metaverse among the general public.

“We are getting addicted to technologies because humans are exposed to devices like VR glasses or cellphones and the Metaverse is going to make people even more addicted to these technologies. We have to learn how to play within the limits in order to have a better future for humanity.”

Notably, the metaverse is said to reach its peak growth in the coming years as approximately 5 billion people will be within the virtual world by 2030. Meanwhile, the industry size will grow between $8 to $13 trillion in the next eight years.

The CEO prompted governments to be involved more in this issue. “When you buy cigarettes, you can see a warning that you can die and get cancer by smoking cigarettes. But when you download an app, you don’t get an alert or warning,”  remarked Quezada when likening the meteverse issue with current challenges.

“[N]o one reads terms and conditions when downloading an app. That’s where the governments should intervene. This alert or warning should apply to social media and Metaverse,” said the CEO.

Quezada noted that children need guidance on everything they are consuming so they would not get addicted. He highlighted, “if governments don’t make rules and regulations to bring consciousness to kids and parents, our next generation is going to be lost.”