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The Metaverse Founders Club Aims to Unlock Cross-Metaverse Building And Interactivity


cryptodaily.co.uk 20 June 2022 07:45, UTC
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Cross-metaverse interoperability is one o the crucial frontiers of Web3 development. Metametaverse and Anitya.space will join forces to achieve this goal through the Metaverse Founders Club. It is a crucial step forward for metaverse-oriented development and the broader blockchain industry.

The Metaverse Founders Club

Although there is much interest in metaverse projects these days, there is also a lack of focus on the user experience. Metametaverse founder Joel Dietz draws parallels between most crypto metaverses and a banker looking to capture the money rather than focus on what people need. Such a critical look at the current development approach is warranted, as most crypto metaverses create siloed environments rather than establishing a part of a broader virtual world. 

Changing that narrative will be tricky. However, the launch of the Metaverse Founders Club is a step in the right direction. The new initiative, spearheaded by Metametaverse and anitya.space, will enhance collaboration and interoperability between metaverses. It is crucial to create one world to enter, from which users can branch off into different directions, rather than creating gated ecosystems with various entry requirements. That vision will require a scalable infrastructure.

Joel Dietz explains how Metametaverse will handle that aspect:

"The platform dynamically loads metaverses as you are going towards them and you have spatial audio in the context of the cube you are in. Turns out our structure of cubes inside cubes makes this very straightforward and there's no reason we can't extend it indefinitely. We already are working on self-hosted cubes with their own data URL and you can also easily push this across decentralized file storage services."

Through the Metaverse Founders Club, founders and pioneers of virtual worlds can come together and establish collaborative Web3 efforts. There is unprecedented potential and opportunity with Web3 and blockchain that doesn't require being constrained by how society works today. Anything and everything is possible for those brave enough to be bold and try a radically different approach.

Connecting The Metaverses

With the Metaverse Founders Club in place, a crucial brick has been put into the foundation of collaborative Web3 building. The Founders Club will meet up every quarter and focus on cross-metaverse games. The first game is a scavenger hunt across virtual worlds where players solve puzzles to open secret areas across the different metaverses. It is an initial example of why interconnected worlds will be so crucial to this industry vertical's development.

Metametaverse CEO Joel Dietz confirms this initiative's long-term approach:

"Lots of people are doing some kind of metaverse thing these days, but I think it will take even the early adopters of metaverse another 2-3 years to realize how innovative what we are doing with metametalang is. Also, I read deeply and widely, love history, and basically ignore people I think are slow or have bad intentions."

The initial constitution of the Metaverse Founders Club consists of bylaws, which can be updated during the monthly founders' consortium. One founder and two staff members can represent every team joining the Founders Club. Eligible members must be an executive or significant owners of a metaverse or related technology. Initial active members include Metametaverse CEO Joel Diet, Anitya.space CEO Pedro Jardin, Godot co-founder Ariel Manzur, MetaverseTalks Chairman David Bundi, and four others. 

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