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Daler Mehendi Purchases ‘Balle Balle Land’ In The Metaverse

source-logo  cryptoknowmics.com 24 March 2022 06:59, UTC

After his success as the first Indian artist to conduct a concert in the Metaverse on Republic Day, veteran singer Daler Mehendi makes it to the news again. The Punjabi pop star singer for the first time in the Indian metaverse history acquitted ‘Balle Balle Land.’ Earlier this month, Daler Mehendi had announced his acquisition in Metaverse cryptically in a ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ and had taken to Twitter to seek blessings from Narendra Modi. https://twitter.com/dalermehndi/status/1502934362975006722

Overview of the Balle Balle Land (BBL)

The purchased land was created by Gametronics, a gaming studio based out of Hyderabad. Balle Balle Land was officially launched on Holi and inaugurated in classic Punjabi fashion. BBL aims to host Punjabi music, concerts, and movie-related events. In conversation about the Balle Balle Land, Mehendi states, 

“Audiences have moved online and I believe it is going to stay. The physical world has its own charm but with Metaverse, the sky’s the limit.”

The singer’s avatar was also seen handing out passports in the form of NFTs to fans for the concert. Alongside that, BBL features a humongous golden statue of the singer, his concert bus, and a store that offers merchandise and royal products as NFTs. Additionally, the store also sells physical products that can be delivered to your doorstep.

Mehendi’s Views on the Future of Metaverse

Daler Mehendi also offers users an insight into the future of Balle Balle Land, stating that the platform will also be used to promote Punjabi and Sufi music across the globe as well as host concerts of him and various artists.

“This platform will help nurture talent and help the music community of Punjab, Sufi, Bollywood to grow.”

Adding to the opinion stated, the creator of PartyNite Metaverse, Rajat Ojha agrees that the metaverse has a huge scope for innovative ideas,

“We want to grow a community of musicians and integrate with the physical world. Daler Mehendi will be remembered as the frontrunner in this space in India.”