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Dvision Network 2nd LAND Sale on Polygon via Its Native Marketplace and OpenSea Is Here

source-logo  coinquora.com 26 January 2022 07:40, UTC

Blockchain-based NFT metaverse, Dvision Network announces it is readiness to conduct the 2nd LAND Sale on Polygon Mainnet. To this end, Dvision Network has announced that it will equitably distribute LAND NFTs, which are critical units in the Meta-Cities, for sale on its native Dvision Marketplace and OpenSea on January 27th, 1 PM UTC. 

In detail, through the 2nd LAND Sale on OpenSea and Dvision Marketplace, Dvision says it will sell around 4,651 LAND Lots, evenly distributed between the two platforms for fair participation practices. The LANDs will be sold in MATIC tokens, with all transactions taking place on the Polygon Mainnet.

Furthermore, Dvision Network opted to incorporate the most valuable NFTs into its recently launched Play-2-Earn idea in order to reward users for their Metaverse efforts. As a result, each Meta-LANDs City will be divided into 40/40/20 groups. To deliberate on the structure of the LANDs and the concept of the Meta-Cities, Boburjon Muydinov, the Head of Business Development at Dvision Network has recently joined the LIVE Interview session with the award-winning journalist, author, and futurist Paul Barron, where they have revealed the crucial facts and insights regarding the upcoming 2nd LAND Sale on Polygon Ecosystem. 

According to the official release, the Dvision Network  presents a world, where each Meta-City LAND, which serves as a link to connect up to 20 different Meta-Cities via the Central Warp Tower, is divided into three main categories. 40% of the LAND Lots is dedicated to users who purchased LAND NFTs via the LAND Sale while 40% is dedicated to Play-to-Earn rewards for users.

The remaining 20% is dedicated to Dvision and its partners to bring the most cutting-edge and interesting content to the users. Revealing the reason behind the 2nd LAND Sale, the Dvision tells CoinQuora the sale is being held to distribute LAND NFTs from the Tokyo and London Meta-Cities, which are the 3rd and 4th Meta-Cities in its metaverse, respectively. 

Besides that, all ecosystem-related actions will be placed within Polygon’s native chain-supported marketplaces to attract a greater number of virtual visitors who prevalently use the Ethereum network. 

Unlike the first LAND Sale that was supported through Binance Smart Chain (BEP-721), this 2nd LAND Sale will be available in ERC-721 standard. What’s more, the ERC-721 compatible LAND NFTs will be minted on Polygon Mainnet, becoming the second network for the LANDs beside the BSC.

To attract over-the-top partners, Dvision launched a “Polygon LAND NFT Grant Program” in collaboration with Polygon Studios to establish a room for Web 3.0 developer teams to produce games, NFTs, Web 3.0 products, and a variety of other useful contents in Dvision’s Metaverse. 

In fact, Polygon Studios was one of the first to receive land allocation from 20% of Management-Owned Land lots on Dvision Metaverse for the development of brand-specific content. Furthermore, Dvision has announced that another project in the pipeline to receive the grant LAND NFT is Project Galaxy – Decentralised Data Sharing Network, which has recently closed their funding round co-led by Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Capital for 10 million USD financing. Specifically, all LAND NFTs will be connected in the future by native bridges, allowing for the unrestricted transfer of digital properties between multiple chains. Moreover, Dvision Network plans to keep onboarding the Polygon Partners via the mutual LAND NFT Grant Program.