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Metable Unveils Beta Launch of 'Learn to Earn' Metaverse

source-logo  blockster.com 18 April 2024 15:38, UTC

Metable, the pioneering metaverse dedicated to education, is thrilled to announce the successful beta launch of its blockchain platform. Positioned as the evolution of traditional online education, Metable's virtual world, built on the Polygon blockchain, offers a decentralized ecosystem where users can create and own their virtual schools while earning through teaching.

The integration of blockchain technology enables students and teachers to earn royalties from the resale of NFT online courses, a feature previously unavailable in the web 2.0 landscape. This groundbreaking approach opens up new learning experiences and business models for content creators, influencers, and professionals alike.

VIDEO: Metable Metaverse Closed beta game play - LIVE for the first time!
VIDEO: Metable Metaverse Closed beta game play - Treasury Hunting

The inaugural open beta of Metable's metaverse proved to be a triumph, with the platform's proprietary infrastructure seamlessly hosting over 50 users simultaneously in multiplayer mode. Participants explored the virtual world, crafted their avatars, and engaged in interactive experiences within a 3D environment seamlessly integrated with blockchain technology.

Activities included quiz games and Treasure Hunt sessions, where users collected coins scattered throughout the virtual realm. Looking ahead, plans for integration with virtual reality and augmented reality promise to unlock even more innovative learning experiences across various sectors of online education.

Alessandro Moretti, co-founder of Metable, commented, "The launch of the Metable Beta marks a significant milestone for the education sector and the Web3 space."
"We invite educators to leverage our virtual toolkit to build their educational platforms and students to explore the benefits of a decentralized Learn-to-Earn economy."

Alessandro Moretti, Co-founder of Metable
The Beta launch of the Metable platform is currently underway, with the $MTBL token undergoing a public presale on the official Metable website.

About Metable

Metable is a revolutionary education-focused metaverse platform poised to transform learning experiences. Within Metable, users have the opportunity to establish their own schools, teach students worldwide, and earn money while studying. The platform facilitates seamless interaction between educators, learners, and businesses, offering a decentralized ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. Through Metable, individuals can become sole owners of lands, buildings, and training courses, ushering in a new era of digital education.

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