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Yuga Labs Received Mixed Reviews on “Otherside” Metaverse Web3

source-logo  thecoinrepublic.com 04 March 2024 16:46, UTC

Yuga Labs has released their under-development Metaverse “Otherside” and received mixed reviews for the same from the initial users.

Yuga Labs is a blockchain technology company involved in the development of NFTs and digital collectibles. It has dedicated itself to shaping Web3 through storytelling, experience and community building.

The company recently did a test of its Bored Apes-themed other side, Metaverse for a handful of NFT holders this week.

The metaverse is designed for players to decide their fun, which means that there is little guidance available and players themselves must control their own experiences. After the launch, users shared mixed reviews of their metaverse escapade.

It is important to note that the development of Metaverse is still in progress and is not yet a finished product and is expected to implement changes based on reviews received.

User Reviews

In a review, a user shared that it goes by the pseudonym white-house.eth. In an X post, they said that their experience on the “otherside” is more like a proof of concept than tens of Millions of dollars and two years of work.

Source: Twitter Account

Another user, jpegflippa, shared that he was underwhelmed by their experience.

Source: Twitter Account

Some of the users also had some contradictory comments; an X user named ThePilot.x, wrote that it had exceeded his expectations. He also added that both of his kids also played it and they loved it.

To support his statement, he also added that there were very many graphics and small details in the game, which made the overall experience commendable.

There have been mixed reviews for the development and amid all these reviews, the price of the metaverse has risen.

“Otherside” Metaverse was launched just a week after the recently occurred executive shuffle at Yuga Labs. Amid all these developments, the executive shuffle involves the replacement of Daniel Allegra as CEO with Greg Solano as the new CEO of the organization.

In between all these mixed reviews and changes in management, it was able to attract an increase in the minimum price for the app.

Telegram on Sharing Crypto Revenues

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has revealed that owners of channels on Telegram programs can now start getting financial rewards for their work.

In this month, whose date is not specified, the Telegram advertising platform will be open to all advertisers in around a hundred new countries. In these countries, the channel owners will receive 50% of the revenues that Telegram will make from displaying their advertisements in their channels.

He added that they will exclusively use the TON blockchain to ensure ad payments and withdrawals are fast and secure. As a result of the announcement, the price of the native token of the TON blockchain, the Toncoin, has increased by almost 30%.

Recent Developments in Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs has partnered with royalty-respecting NFT platforms, advocating for the rights of creators in the digital art world. Royalties on NFT will ensure that the creators will get paid whenever their work is sold. It is a remarkable moment in the debate around creators’ benefits.