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Intraverse teams up with Animoca Brands during ApeFest2023

source-logo  en.cryptonomist.ch 02 November 2023 10:35, UTC

The Bored Ape Yacht Club community is flying to the vibrant city of Hong Kong for the Ape Fest. From November 3rd to 5th, Apes will live days full of meetups, fun, exclusive events and surprises. Intraverse, a dynamic player in the Web3 gaming space based in Lugano, is ready to bring a groundbreaking side event over the ocean – the Ape League – in collaboration with titans of Web3 game like Animoca Brands, Wreck League by nWay, Arc8 by GAMEE and Phantom Galaxies by Blowfish Studios.


From Bored Lugano to Ape League

The idea of Ape League was born after the success of “Bored Lugano”, held last September 9th during NFT Fest Lugano. Granted by the Bored Ape Council, Bored Lugano has been one of the most awaited and successful BAYC side events organized by Intraverse. It attracted about 200 Apes, who arrived from around the world with a remarkable presence from the United States, including well-known attendees like Zeneca, LoveMake.eth, The Miami Ape, Squiddy, and many more.

The atmosphere has been unique, in a magic night aboard a yacht on Lake Lugano, surrounded by live music, degen food, a charity auction and the first fighting game tournament featuring Apes avatars. Mutants Beer, a brand of premier Iberian mutant craft and unique beers, has been the main sponsor of Bored Lugano and, on that occasion, it showed one of the first licenses of “Made by Apes”. All the guests have been particularly surprised about how delicious the mutant beer was despite its green color.

Such was the success of Bored Lugano that it prompted a replication of the event on October 5th with “Italy’s Finest”, a side event organized during ETH Milan by the NFT marketplace Ninfa, in collaboration with Intraverse and SignorCrypto. This was another epic night. The Ape community, but also people not coming from the Web3 ecosystem, challenged each other in the Intraverse Gaming Arena experiencing the street-fighter format proposed in Lugano. Guests have been particularly impressed by the utility that simple profile pictures can have also in gaming.

Intraverse lands in Hong Kong hand-by-hand with Animoca Brands and industry giants

The enthusiasm and passion exhibited in the Swiss city and in Milan set the stage for something even more extraordinary. This time, Intraverse raised the bar even higher by teaming up with Animoca Brands to create a crazy gaming experience for all Apes out there – the Ape League – featuring with Wreck League by nWay, Arc8 by GAMEE and Phantom Galaxies by Blowfish Studios.

Scheduled for November 4th, from 11 AM to 4 PM HKT in the exclusive House Studio at Soho House in Hong Kong, Ape League will be an unforgettable experience for the Ape community, where NFTs and gaming collide.

Ape League will welcome a maximum of 300 participants, including Apes’ holders, their plus ones, asset owners from partner games, but also people building in Web3 to showcase their innovative products and services with the license “Made by Ape”, such as WoV Labs – an NFT service provider specialized in the development of innovative tools to improve the traceability on the supply chain. The House Studio will be transformed into a battleground by arranging it with professional gaming stations equipped with 55-inch screens, where guests will be able to clash with joysticks in the most sought-after Web3 games of the moment: fighting with the customized 3D avatars in the Intraverse arena, battling with the Wreck League merch, having fun with the wide set of games provided by Arc8, starting epic adventures with Phantom Galaxies or experiencing thrilling duels in the metaverse of The Nemesis.

And that’s not all! More than 30 Apes have been selected to participate in an exclusive eliminatory tournament in a street-fighter style hosted in the Intraverse Gaming Arena. Apes will fight using unique 3D avatars crafted and fully rigged with a meticulous level of detail by Intraverse based on the NFT of each player. The most skilled warrior will be rewarded with 500$ in Ape Coins.

Ape League will also be a precious moment for networking and getting in contact with relevant actors in the Web3 gaming landscape. Additionally, there will be an abundance of free degen food, like pizza, snacks, waterfalls of beer, customized gadget and the iconic t-shirts designed ad hoc for the event, that were snapped up in the edition of Lugano! Also, Apes will bring their own gadgets like stickers and keychains to exchange with other guests as they usually do in events targeted for Apes.

Limited-Edition Ape League T-shirts

Intraverse designed a limited-edition t-shirt, only for the Apes’ holders attending the event! These shirts are more than just clothing, they will be a pure testimony for those attending the event. What sets them apart is also their unique glow-in-the-dark feature. As day turns to night, the t-shirt will transform, illuminating the message on the back with the characters 猿,妙不可言, derived from 缘,妙不可言, which means “the faith is wonderful”. The purpose is to represent that the words “faith” and “Ape” are intertwined in the world of Web3, and what makes this even more remarkable is that the pronunciation of 猿 (Ape) and 缘 (faith) is the same in Chinese.

Essentially, through beautifully designed and rare exclusive merchandise, Intraverse aims to highlight that everyone wants to build in Web3 but you need to have incredible belief and dedication in order to succeed.

Huge collaborations

What makes Ape League even more relevant are the huge names of Web3 Game that are collaborating with Intraverse in organizing the event. Animoca Brands, Wreck League, Arc8, and Phantom Galaxies join hands bringing their presence into Ape League side event, ensuring a high-quality and unforgettable experience for all the attendees.

Animoca Brands is a global leader in the world of blockchain and Web3 gaming. As a digital entertainment company, it is renowned for its innovative approach to develop and publish blockchain games and play-to-earn economies. Moreover, Animoca Brands boasts of over 400 investments in Web3 projects, aiming to enhance digital property rights and contribute to the building of the open metaverse.

Wreck League is a dynamic blockchain-based gaming platform. Powered by nWay in partnership with Animoca Brands and with Yuga Labs as collaborator in Season I, Wreck League offers a unique gaming experience where players engage in 1-vs-1 real time battles with extensive customization options.

Arc8 is an action-packed mobile gaming platform developed by GAMEE. It offers more than ten different games to enjoy, such as action, card or sport games, and it provides gamers exciting opportunities to get cryptocurrencies and NFT rewards.

Phantom Galaxies, developed by Blowfish Studios, is a cutting-edge Web3 gaming platform that combines an open-world space simulation with fast-paced mech shooter, surrounded by an immersive storytelling.

In addition to the main collaborators, the event also includes relevant sponsors. There will be multiple brands with “Made by Apes” licenses, such as Mutants Beer whose presence has been confirmed – as anticipated – after the success of previous side events organized by Intraverse.Another interesting sponsor is WoV Labs, the pioneering tokenization solution that enables brands, creators, and communities to effortlessly create digital twins of any physical item with just a few simple clicks. By harnessing the combination of blockchain and IoT technology, WoV Labs offers an instant gateway to the world of web 3.0, ensuring a seamless, engaging experience for everyone.

There are also alternative ways to create engagement within the Ape community, even without licenses. The entrepreneur @odpcrypto does it. He is collaborating with olympic champions to bring the vibes of Bored Ape Yacht Club within a skating competition in Himalaya. The “Himalaya Ice Skate Record” event has great potential for the NFT space, combining real-world extreme sports with NFT art and the crypto world, pushing the boundaries of human achievement in a visually captivating way. Intraverse will support this initiative also from a technical point of view by replacing the bodies of athletes with avatarized Apes.

Ape League is also sponsored by The Nemesis Metaverse, which will have a dedicated gaming station within the venue. The Nemesis elevates beyond traditional web3 games, offering a lively metaverse that’s easy to engage with due to its simplicity. It offers a myriad of experiences, welcoming everyone while providing enriched features for web3 enthusiasts. Their ethos is blending virtual and real-world scenarios, creating unique phygital experiences because they believe in a seamless integration for a more enriching engagement. Whether it’s DeFi enthusiasts delving into NFT utilities or casual gamers on the hunt for novel adventures, The Nemesis is a gateway to diverse gameplays, gamified experiences, and branded events.

The event is also supported by relevant media partners, such as The Cryptnomist, Cointelegraph and Bullish Times.

Don’t miss out:

As you understood, Ape League isn’t merely an event, it is another step in a journey that aims to highlight the potentiality behind the combinations of NFTs and gaming. It will significantly remark that the collaboration between Web3 actors can make the difference and that the community engagement is at the heart of everything.

Ape League is a community event for real degen gamers, aiming to spread knowledge and educate people about the Web3 gaming ecosystem in order to engage them. This perfectly fits with the final purpose of Intraverse: being an engagement layer committed to the creation of experiences that appeal to individuals of all ages who want to dive into Web3 gaming, since they firmly believe that the ownership of assets and the decentralized nature of Web3 gaming are integral to shaping the future of digital entertainment.