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ValeVerse: Valentino Rossi's metaverse ascends to The Sandbox

source-logo  en.cryptonomist.ch 26 September 2023 09:16, UTC

Valentino Rossi’s metaverse, VR46 Metaverse, is coming to The Sandbox with a new Web3 motoring experience, ValeVerse.

These experiences along with the official ValeVerse collection are the result of a new VR46 Metaverse partnership with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs.


ValeVerse: the Valentino Rossi metaverse on The Sandbox: new Web3 experiences for motorsport fans

VR46 Metaverse, the metaverse of Valentino Rossi, the celebrated nine-time MotoGPTM world champion, has entered into a new partnership with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs to launch ValeVerse on The Sandbox.

ValeVerse is intended to be Valentino Rossi’s new metaverse on The Sandbox that offers new immersive Web3 experiences for motorsports fans as well as the launch of digital collectibles.

At stake is the associated ValeVerse Pass, which grants holders access to exclusive benefits, including raffles to purchase designer items, race tickets, and an exclusive meeting with Valentino Rossi.

Not only that, ValeVerse collectibles on The Sandbox also includes digital items – from iconic motorcycles, to avatars – that will allow users to express their passion for the sport, inspire themselves, and even create their own gaming experiences.

Immersive experiences allow ValeVerse players to test their skills and abilities by tackling a series of missions in order to earn rewards.

ValeVerse: the new Valentino Rossi metaverse on The Sandbox

Valentino Rossi’s new metaverse on The Sandbox, ValeVerse, is the result of a long-term strategy led by the VR46 Metaverse trio, Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs.

In this regard, Jean Claude Ghinozzi, CEO of VR46 Metaverse, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs to jointly launch this exciting project to further extend the fandom of VR46 Metaverse experiences across other Web3 and metaverse platforms, and we are excited to offer fans new levels of connection and engagement with our world.”

Motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi also made a comment on the matter:

“This partnership will further expand the range of experiences that VR46 Metaverse offers the motorsport community, enhancing the connection with fans all around the world; I really can’t wait to see what we can achieve together with our partners Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs.”

And so while for VR46 Metaverse, the goal is to increase existing activations on other Web3 and metaverse platforms, for the other two the goal is to expand into the automotive and motorsports segments.

Moto Island on Roblox

Before ValeVerse, in early March, Valentino Rossi’s VR46 Metaverse had also launched Moto Island, its metaverse on Roblox.

In that case, the new metaverse on Roblox was created in collaboration with Metaverse studio Dubit, and offers the chance to participate in high-octane online multiplayer races in a vibrant open world.

Moto Island is an open world environment filled with cities, countryside, snow-capped peaks, ocean roads, forests, and, of course, race tracks that allow up to thirty racers to line up and try out some of the best physics engines on Roblox.

Specifically, inside Moto Island are dozens of motorcycles with thousands of enhancements in appearance and performance, including user-generated content elements such as suits, helmets, and even a turtle companion to ride the seat.