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CyberConnect and Animoca Brands Partner to Revolutionise the Open Metaverse

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 15 August 2023 14:56, UTC

CyberConnect and Animoca Brands partner to change the open Metaverse. CyberConnect, a premier Web3 social network, and Animoca Brands, a digital property rights leader, signed an MoU. This cooperation will create a decentralised social layer for Mocaverse, Animoca Brands’ popular NFT collection.

CyberConnect and Animoca Brands Redefine NFT Landscape

This strategic relationship uses CyberConnect’s superior technology, primarily CyberAccount, to improve Animoca Brands’ NFT environment. CyberAccount’s integration with Mocaverse’s identification layer gives Animoca Brands-affiliated enterprises new potential. Individuals can now create and maintain their social networks. It enables seamless connections across a variety of games, businesses, and services.

We’ve teamed up with @CyberConnectHQ to develop a decentralized social layer for @MocaverseNFT. 💪

Our portfolio companies can now leverage #Web3's first scalable social network to unlock unique experiences across games, products, and services. https://t.co/l6eRRRG5t3

— Animoca Brands (@animocabrands) August 15, 2023

CyberConnect’s recent V3 version, which introduced CyberAccount, started this partnership. CyberAccount is a Web3 ecosystem smart account using ERC-4337. CyberAccount, the first of its kind, is scalable and reliable thanks to this standard. CyberAccount has deployed over 90% of smart accounts since its founding on July 26, 2023.

This cooperation aims to transform Web3’s social networking. Animoca Brands and CyberConnect aspire to change consumer-centric product and app development. This technique lets consumers explore their favourite apps without having to rebuild their networks.

Animoca Brands Enables Social Connections via CyberAccount

This partnership focuses on ERC-4337-powered intelligent accounts. This invention simplifies crypto wallets, creating a Web-like user experience. Animoca Brands and its affiliates offer a wide range of games and services using CyberAccount-based applications. One intelligent account creates a seamless user experience.

Current cryptocurrency wallet solutions like MetaMask allow developers and users to engage. However, they rarely provide customised and individualised user experiences based on context. Developers can accelerate decentralised application adoption by integrating a social network with users’ CyberAccounts. Animoca Brands expects the “super account” strategy to increase adoption, giving developers a great user onboarding solution.

People are close to being able to move their friends, followers, and supporters to their favourite platforms. Animoca Brands will integrate CyberAccount support across the Mocaverse in the next months.