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Cyber Arena Launches Skill-Based Metaverse on DogeChain with Diverse Revenue

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 23 May 2023 23:43, UTC
  • Cyber Arena unveils the first metaverse built on DogeChain, introducing a new paradigm of gaming and combat experiences.
  • Skill-based gameplay takes precedence in Cyber Arena, emphasizing strategy and tactics over monetary resources.
  • The platform offers real-time combat gaming with zero latency, ensuring an immersive and seamless experience for players.

In a major development for the world of gaming and metaverses, Cyber Arena, a global crypto fighting club, has announced the launch of the first-ever metaverse built on DogeChain. Developed by Imperium Games studio, known for its impressive track record with over 30 million combat gaming downloads, Cyber Arena aims to revolutionize the gaming industry with its unique approach to gameplay and revenue generation.

Skill-Based Gameplay Takes Center Stage in Cyber Arena’s Metaverse

Unlike many other web3 NFT metaverses, Cyber Arena sets itself apart by placing a strong emphasis on skill and strategy. Players will have the opportunity to advance in the ranking list based on their skills rather than the size of their wallets. In this virtual arena, success will be determined by tactics and abilities, creating a level playing field for all participants.

Cyber Arena is optimized for rapid, real-time combat gaming, ensuring a seamless and zero-latency experience for players. The platform aims to eliminate pay-to-win benefits, fostering a fair and competitive environment. Furthermore, Cyber Arena has established brand partnerships led by a renowned global IP firm, promising exciting collaborations with popular franchises.

The platform offers a multi-game ecosystem catering to both gaming enthusiasts and combat

sports fans. Its roadmap includes the development of a metaverse software development kit (SDK) for ecosystem developers, enabling them to create their own experiences within the Cyber Arena universe. Additionally, Cyber Arena boasts the first real-time multiplayer combat app designed specifically for mobile devices, showcasing the most advanced crypto gameplay available.

The Cyber Arena token plays a pivotal role within the ecosystem, providing a range of utility features. It serves as the primary medium for in-game revenue, powering the NFT marketplace, staking mechanisms, tournament prizes, and governance. With its rich token utilities, the platform ensures that players have multiple avenues to engage with and benefit from their participation in Cyber Arena.

One of the key highlights of Cyber Arena’s proposition is its diverse revenue streams. Players can generate income through various channels, including NFT purchases, modding, staked gameplay, tournament gaming, and revenue generated from the NFT marketplace. This multifaceted approach not only enhances the gaming experience but also offers opportunities for players to monetize their skills and creativity.