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CoinGecko says Apple’s AR/VR announcement pushes metaverse token interest

source-logo  crypto.news 18 May 2023 17:37, UTC

The metaverse token market has witnessed a surge in value, with various metaverse tokens experiencing notable gains ranging from a solid 2% to an astounding 28%.

As the excitement around these meme coins intensifies, a tweet from CoinGecko has drawn attention to a comparison between the metaverse token surge and the much-anticipated unveiling of Apple’s AR/VR headset.

Metaverse coins trending upwards

#Metaverse tokens are on the rise this week amid rumors about Apple's new AR/VR headset 🎧

Got your eyes of any of these coins?https://t.co/bHqPPKWLk7 pic.twitter.com/FPl0854ZPa

— CoinGecko (@coingecko) May 18, 2023

ICP is among these top gainers with a 2.3% increase in the last 7 days. developed by the Swiss nonprofit organization Dfinity Foundation, has set out on the mission to replace the centralized internet that dominates today’s digital landscape.

Launched in May 2021, ICP aims to provide users with a decentralized, open-source alternative and has since made headlines as the biggest gainer and loser throughout the last couple of months.

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Sandbox (SAND) is another token on the trend upwards, with reports of a 4.6% increase in the last 7 days. The project is similar to Decentraland’s MANA, with SAND tokens can be earned and spent within The Sandbox, creating an immersive economic system.

According to recent news, the metaverse is still in its early stages with reports of the price struggling earlier this year.

However, the biggest gainer on the list Render network saw 28.5% increase in the last 7 days.

The platform envisions a decentralized network of computers that serves as a valuable resource for entities seeking high-performance computing services akin to specialized mercenaries, with a primary focus on delivering rendering power that surpasses the capabilities of local systems.

Apple’s entrance into the metaverse

At the same time as these gains occurred, news around Apple’s AR/VR release also came to light.

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus who left the company in 2017, shared a Tweet on May 14 about the upcoming Apple XR headset, which is expected to be unveiled at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month. In his tweet he shares that the product is “so good”.

The Apple headset is so good.

— Palmer Luckey (@PalmerLuckey) May 14, 2023

In a journey that commenced in 2015, Apple’s exploration into the world of headsets gained traction.

Utilizing established products like Samsung’s Gear VR and the HTC Vive as stepping stones, the tech giant embarked on a series of trials and experiments, showcasing prototypes to high-ranking executives and board members.

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