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Wistaverse Launches World's First Global Protest Platform, Takes Activism into the Metaverse

source-logo  blockster.com 11 May 2023 20:07, UTC

Wistaverse, the world's first global virtual protest platform with real impact, has launched in The Sandbox open metaverse. The platform aims to educate the public about causes, host appearances by influencers and speakers, organize and fundraise for actions, enable participation in and carry out mass virtual protests, and provide safe and non-violent alternatives to those who can't participate in real life.

The Wistaverse is a neutral space that provides a platform for other players to organize and execute campaigns on subjects that they choose. The human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) is behind the platform's inaugural pro-choice protest, which is set to take place on May 13-14th and be dedicated to women's rights and abortion.

The event will feature key activists and celebrities in the movement, to be revealed during the event.

The Wistaverse's launch is timely, given the global rise of political repression, climate change, and economic downturns, which have led to a 12% increase in protests worldwide within ten years.

The platform uses a virtual avatar and proxy system, which can reduce the violence that characterizes protest in the physical world and enable universal inclusion and access to events, regardless of participants' location in distant geographies or authoritarian regimes.
Users can buy Amnesty's HURRA NFTs to raise funds for the cause. Future fundraisings will be amplified by using the Wistaverse utility token $WISTA.
Director of AI Belgium Philippe Hensmans said: "Amnesty International sees the blockchain environment as a way of sensitizing a new audience to its work by addressing topics in a more interactive and decentralized manner than it has ever done before."

"We are thrilled about this collaboration with the Wistaverse because it allows us as a brand to start envisioning what will be possible in the years to come to educate and engage new audiences about the defense of human rights."

All proceeds from NFT sales are decentrally paid directly to AI and other causes by automatic wallet transfer without an intermediary. Payments and plans for the supported protests will be documented on the Wistaverse platform and its Discord channel, while the identities of users and donors remain anonymous.

The Sandbox COO and co-founder Sebastiean Borget said, "With over 4.5 million registered wallets, having Wistaverse as part of our community ensures that its voices are heard and that diversity and empowerment remain at the core of the metaverse that we are building together."

"We look forward to seeing our community announce, host, and follow social action to enact change in The Sandbox and beyond in the physical world."

Besides vast social media coverage of the metaverse protests, other operative digital actions are possible according to community proposals and popular vote, such as e.g. sending mass emails or educational content and links to petitions to the stakeholders and decision-makers targeted by the protest.
The Wistaverse code will eventually become completely decentralized, immutable & unstoppable like that of Bitcoin, powered by their utility token $WISTA.
Its decentralized treasury will provide a central pool for funding protests and platform development, fueled by a 0.5% fee for transactions on the platform. The Wistaverse aspires to be a safe and non-violent forum for protest that is compliant and responsible. When needed, the platform will be using zero-knowledge proofs that can confirm but do not reveal users' identities, to ensure that no violent or extremist organizations can misuse the platform to raise funds.

Bringing Activism into the Metaverse

Wistaverse's launch is a significant step forward in bringing activism into the metaverse. The platform's use of blockchain technology and NFTs provides a secure and transparent way for supporters to donate to causes they care about. By using a virtual platform, Wistaverse can reach people worldwide and create a more inclusive and accessible space for activism.

The platform's goal is to become a global hub for social action, bringing together individuals, organizations, and causes from all over the world.

Wistaverse's launch is also timely, given the current global political and social climate. With the rise of political repression, economic downturns, and climate change, protests have become an increasingly important tool for social change. By providing a safe and non-violent space for protest, Wistaverse can help amplify voices that may not have been heard otherwise.