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Living Proof partners with ByondXR to debut in the metaverse

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 13 March 2023 18:00, UTC

Living Proof has taken a step forward in the metaverse by announcing that it will soon open a storefront in the metaverse. It has partnered with ByondXR for this purpose, allowing it to boost the creation of a virtual store with four rooms to attract visitors for an immersive experience.

This will be the brand’s debut in the segment of virtual stores, marking the first-ever step for the brand in the virtual e-commerce industry. Anyone who visits the store will get access to the list of products while learning about the company’s history.

The section on virtual rooms, coupled with an AI Hair Quiz, makes this concept more interesting. The development is centered around Science in Action by empowering the customers to browse their favorite products. The brand will also attempt to recommend the best products for customers based on their performance in the quiz.

The quiz is backed by the mechanism of analyzing hair routines and the selfie submitted by the customers. This will give the brand an idea of what kind of hair is being dealt with. It will additionally study the shape, volume, and type of hair.

Customers will, however, be first welcomed by the Dry Shampoo Center, featuring Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo. A testimonial will be posted on the wall to reinforce the brand’s reputation as one of the best dry shampoos on the market.

It will be followed by the second room that will display the curated selection of the products. Navigating to the final checkout process will be pretty easy with the shopping shortcut and the AL Hair Quiz. Moving on to the third room could sound optional, but it is recommended not just to experience the power of the metaverse but also to undergo repair treatment that has been clinically proven for better results.

The fourth section of the storefront, which is devoted to sustainability, shows how Living Proof’s products should be recycled via the Terracycle Partnership.

ByondXR’s partnership with the brand will take things to the next level. The brand’s co-founder and chief executive officer have expressed pride in partnering with Living Proof, saying that the brand truly values building strong relationships with its customers. Noam Levavi has also noted that everyone at ByondXR is honored to power the shopping experience for the customers of Living Proof.

Zack Reiken from Living Proof has said that the move is a perfect vehicle to take the immersive experience a step forward while learning more about innovation in the hair care industry. The CEO of the company has also said that Living Proof only uses cutting-edge technology to solve real-world hair problems.

In partnership with ByondXR, Living Proof has just opened its first store in the metaverse. Other brands are likely to follow the trend in the days to come.