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Elon Musk Withdraws Lawsuit Against OpenAI

source-logo  coinspress.com 13 June 2024 04:38, UTC

The original lawsuit that Elon Musk filed against OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman has been unexpectedly dropped, which was about the company deviating from the original mission and prioritizing humanity.

The withdrawal of the lawsuit occurred just before a California judge was set to hear OpenAI’s motion to have it dismissed.

Musk, who was at the forefront of OpenAI, and also co-founder of the company, has accused the company of turning it into a Microsoft subsidiary, thus compromising the company’s non-profit rule.

OpenAI has contradicted and stated that Musk had also endorsed the company’s change to the for-profit business and sponsored it with a significant amount of recognized and respected investors.

Musk has just revealed that his new AI company, xAI, raised $6 billion through a Series B-the highest so far and launched a chatbot Grok as well.

As to Musk’s withdrawing his legal complaint, he has not described precisely the reason for it except he hinted that the matter would be exposed later.

Besides, he lately commented that he would consider excluding the use of Apple Inc. devices from his companies if AI software of OpenAI was integrated into the operating system, because it was a safety threat.