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Montenegro PM Milojko Spajić may have met with Do Kwon, report

source-logo  protos.com 21 May 2024 17:10, UTC

According to Montenegrin media, not only did Do Kwon and former Terra exec Han Chang-joon purchase luxury apartments in the Serbian capital of Belgrade before making their way to Montenegro, they may have met with the country’s prime minister, Milojko Spajić, at some point before their arrests.

Do and Han are well known for their involvement with failed algorithmic stablecoin protocol Terra/Luna, which collapsed two years ago.

As DLNews reported in April, Do and Han purchased real estate and parking spots in the best part of Belgrade — with the condominium they were staying in being worth in excess of $2 million. However, according to former prime minister and current MP Dritan Abazović, the duo may have been up to much more than just hobnobbing with the Serbian elite and avoiding law enforcement.

Abazović claims that a source told him Do and Spajić met at Topalovićeva 4 in Belgrade and that Spajić may have made a deal with Do to purchase millions of dollars worth of Terra/Luna tokens for a Bulgarian-based, Singaporean-headquartered hedge fund called Das Capital.

Topalovićeva 4 as seen on Google Street View, where Do and Spajić supposedly met.

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Abazović claims that Spajić was able to purchase the tokens for ten cents and later sell them for $118, though there was no evidence to prove the claim.

It’s worth noting that Spajić has indeed previously worked for Das Capital, though when he last helped inform any transaction for it or if the hedge fund is even involved in cryptocurrency is not clear.