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Ripple vs. SEC: XRP Price Hits New Lows Amid Legal Uncertainty

source-logo  coinpedia.org 13 May 2024 08:52, UTC

As Ripple’s legal showdown with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission unfolds, XRP faces a tumultuous journey in the cryptocurrency market. Today, the digital asset slid below the $0.49 mark, reflecting investor apprehensions amidst regulatory uncertainty and ongoing legal battles.

XRP Downturn Amid Legal Uncertainty

XRP’s price has faced a serious decline today while Judge Torres’ has yet to decide on the SEC vs Ripple remedies-related filings. Investor sentiment surrounding XRP remains low as the proceedings of the motions to seal materials related to the case are underway.

Today’s Ripple vs. SEC proceeding is pivotal. The lawsuit will see parties filing omnibus letter motions to seal materials related to the ongoing legal briefing. The SEC has previously alleged Ripple’s sale of unregistered securities to institutional investors, which now demands a $2 billion penalty.

Ripple’s defense now primarily emphasizes sales to accredited investors and the nature of On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) contracts. Thus, Ripple is disputing these claims and requesting the Court lower the penalty demanded by the SEC.

Market Impact and Technical Analysis

Amidst today’s proceeding, XRP has slipped below $0.49, reflecting the prevailing uncertainty and anxiousness among market investors. Ripple’s XRP shows negative momentum across the weekly, daily, and 4-hour time frame charts. Technical indicators suggest a potential downside, with support levels at $0.4665 and resistance at $0.5310.

With the SEC against Ripple lawsuit nearly closing out, XRP is having a bit of a rough patch because of legal developments and traders’ feelings about them. Traders anticipate court rulings and regulatory updates determining where Ripple’s initial coin offering is headed amid continued legal turmoil.

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