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SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee to Discuss Crypto on December 2 - CoinQuora

source-logo  coinquora.com 02 December 2021 06:39, UTC

The US SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee is on its heels to discuss their nagging concern about crypto and ‘Investor Protection’ on December 2, 2021.

Truth be told, the panel will highlight all the ins and outs of digital assets with a special focus on the regulatory framework that governs them. With no exemption, the authority will take on this event to explore and identify the main lines of intersection of digital assets, sooner rather than later.

They hope to do this with a specific lens to examine the ups and downs of the market issues. Prior to this, the committee will further define the compounding risk and its associated dangers in the emerging technologies in the crypto market.

The SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee will be discussing crypto tomorrow. It’s a good opportunity for the Commission to rethink its approach to crypto regulation: https://t.co/0OQ5ig3VmP You can submit comments here: https://t.co/WDGSTZ3uhs

— Hester Peirce (@HesterPeirce) December 1, 2021

On this note, apart from the crypto discussion, the panel will address various topics regarding blockchain technology, stablecoins, and crypto-based ETFs. All these topics will be treated publicly in one holistic manner under the event.

Moreover, the meeting agenda is quite a solid move that seeks to ensure smooth market integrity. In essence, it aims to also empower a good outlook when it comes to investors’ protection, particularly in the face of new technology.

People think that this occasion is a good opportunity for the SEC to rethink and restructure its harsh crypto regulation approach.