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What Binance CEO Said in Court Revealed! "I'm a Little Scared!"

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 22 November 2023 15:58, UTC

Binance and Binance CEO CZ reached an agreement with the US government within the scope of the lawsuit filed against him in the USA.

At this point, CZ, who has been the CEO of Binance for a long time, resigned from his position due to accusations in the USA, and his statement in court was revealed.

In their post, the BitMEX research team shared the details of CZ's statement in court.

In this context, CZ stated that he had never appeared in court before or committed any crime and said that his aim was to close this issue and continued his words as follows:

“Your Honor, I just want to say something.

I just want to close the issue. That's why I want to take responsibility and close this page in my life. So it's a very simple mindset for me.

Because I have never been to court before, I have never caused any problems before. I have never been a criminal. I've never been to the courthouse before, so this was all a first for me.

To be honest, I was a little scared before coming. Many times you go to a country but you don't know what will happen.

However, I am happy to be here right now because I was impressed by your approach and how you explained even the smallest detail to me. These are all very reassuring things.

I would like to say this about the UAE issue. I was offered citizenship by the UAE. I accepted this with great honor, but I do not want to use it to protect myself.

I want to solve the problems myself. That's why I intend to come here and close this issue. Otherwise I wouldn't be here today.”

Finding CZ's statement convincing, the court judge said to CZ, “I think you tend to choose to stay in the UAE. Because I think everyone who appears in this court always carries the risk of escaping. However, in my opinion, you came here even though you were not obliged to come to the country. At this point, your actions are due to your concerns.” “It was more effective. And as you said, your goal is to solve this case, not escape. And I think we'll let you live in the UAE.” said.

CZ will be allowed to live in the UAE while he awaits sentencing. It was a “very close call” as to whether he would be allowed to go back to the UAE. CZ had to speak himself to convince the court. CZ must return to the USA 14 days prior to his sentencing. The transcript extract…

— BitMEX Research (@BitMEXResearch) November 21, 2023