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South China Zombie Sues John McAfee for $100M over Incomplete Whitepaper


todaysgazette.com 06 September 2019 08:50, UTC
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Fresh cryptocurrencies frequently join the foray of other digital currencies in the market. This brought about the release of Zombie Coin Whitepaper by John McAfee, the Cyber Security guru, who was hired purposely to give his best for the emerging coin.

Things turned sour between South China Zombie and John McAfee within the 24 hours of the release, as the former filed a suit of $100 million against the latter for allegedly releasing incomplete Whitepaper of its Zombie coin.

This update was related on Twitter by McAfee, while responding to the attempt of court action proposed via the official Twitter handle of South China Zombie Research Centre.

For clarifying purposes, McAfee pointed that the disclaimer section that indicated the Whitepaper as “Preliminary Incomplete” is more of humor, which is perceived to be strange in Chinese culture.

He assured that his subsequent explanation will eventually clear the air and convince the organisation to drop the $100 Million suit filed against him.

John McAfee Partners Wavesbet

On September 2nd, Wavesbet, an online casino existing on the blockchain, announced a partnership with 73 years old cryptocurrency parma bull John McAfee.

According to experts in the bet industry, the collaboration between Wavesbet and McAfee is expected to give the sector a new look.

McAfee with vast knowledge of cryptocurrency space has promoted several projects turning out to be outstanding. McAfee has been a prominent backers of some ICO before now.

The 2020 U.S presidential aspirant is also a strong supporter of Docademic, a cryptocurrency used in the medical industry.

Meanwhile, the partnership is coming in few days after McAfee moved from his former location to a new territory. According to McAfee, his former residence was revealed to some investigative personnel that Mr. McAfee is trying to run away from.

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