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Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon Enlists Global Legal Firm Dentons to Tackle Extradition and Forgery Charges

source-logo  cryptonews.net 01 June 2023 12:15, UTC
Odero Kester

After being accused of forging documents and facing extradition petitions in Montenegro, Do Kwon, one of the co-founders of Terra, sought the assistance of the international legal firm Dentons.

Do Kwon will get assistance from the well regarded worldwide law firm Denton in his fight against the judicial system.

Taking on the legal obstacles at hand

The co-founder of Terra who is now facing charges in Montenegro related to the forging of passports, was dealt a blow when the court decided to withdraw his bail. The original bond amount was deemed inadequate for Do Kwon to be placed under home arrest due to the successful prosecution's argument that he constituted a flight risk.

Do Kwon has engaged the legal services of Dentons, a major and well known law firm, in order to manage the allegations he faces in the United States in light of the intensifying conversations regarding his prospective extradition.

Dentons, which is well-known for the caliber of its legal experts, asserts that it is the biggest law company in the world due to the sheer quantity of legal professionals that work under its umbrella.

It would seem that these assertions have some support from the GCR 100, which is a well-known magazine produced by Global Competition Review and contains an exhaustive ranking of the top legal firms from across the globe.

Dentons has been consulted for assistance in the past, so this is not the first time it has happened. The company was able to successfully fight a subpoena that had been issued by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as part of its investigation into Mirror Protocol in the year 2021.

Later on, in 2022, Dentons resumed its legal representation of Do Kwon by acting as his legal counsel in a class action litigation that was being heard in the Singapore High Court.

Do Kwon is now in a position to face the legal allegations that have been brought against him, and the next trial date has been scheduled for June 16th. Do Kwon will be represented by Dentons, a strong law firm.

Do Kwon's defense strategy is expected to be given a boost by the participation of Dentons, which is well-known for its extensive knowledge and wealth of resources. Having said that, the resolution of the case is still a significant mystery at this point.

Simultaneously, Daniel Shin, one of the co-founders of Terra, is getting ready to go on trial for the first time in his life before the Seoul Southern District Court. Shin has organized a team of thirty attorneys, one of them is a former prosecutor with expertise in investigating the Terra-LUNA disaster. This demonstrates Shin's unwavering dedication to his position that he is innocent.