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Craig Wright's UK Case Against 16 Bitcoin Developers to Go to Full Trial: Report


www.coindesk.com 03 February 2023 14:24, UTC
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The U.K. Court of Appeals ruled that a claim by Craig Wright's Tulip Trading against 16 Bitcoin developers will go to trial in London, according to City AM.

The claim, which was originally dismissed in March 2022, alleges that the developers owe "fiduciary duties" and "duties of care" over their control of the Bitcoin network.

The Court of Appeals ruled that the claim presents a "serious issue to be tried" and that a full trial will take place early next year.

In 2021, the London High Court gave Craig Wright's lawyers the permission to serve papers to the 16 developers even if they don't reside in the U.K.

The developers included Cory Fields, Peter Todd, Roger Ver, Pieter Wuille and others that have worked on the Bitcoin network.

A legal representative for 14 of the developers said that the the Court of Appeal felt inclined to send the case to trial as the developers were all outside the jurisdiction of the court.

Craig Wright is a computer scientist who claims to be Bitcoin's pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. A Norwegian court ruled in October that Wright lied and cheated in an attempt to prove those claims in a lawsuit that he ultimately lost against Hodlonaut.

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