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5 Reasons Why Launching ICOs During a Bear Market Could Work

source-logo  cryptoknowmics.com 14 June 2022 22:02, UTC

Many things cause a cryptocurrency bear market, and most times, it aligns with negative investor sentiment. It is where the crypto prices plummet by over 20%, which encourages sales. For anybody who is planning to launch an ICO – yes, price matters! However, the growing number of ICOs makes it challenging for a start-up to flourish unless it promises to be different. In particular, the land of ICOs has more than 5700 ICOs, which displays the competitiveness required to pierce through the realm and come out conquering the rest.

What is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a significant way to raise funds for a cryptocurrency project. It works by getting interested investors to buy into an initial coin offering to receive a new crypto token issued by the company. In a nutshell, the sea of ICOs binds no one on any set rules. However, with the fierce competition, time and volatility in the market is an illusion, the future value of tokens is also not supported by anything but demand.

Could Launching ICOs During a Bear Market Work?

The cryptocurrency market got wiped off billions of dollars of value in the last few weeks. A sell-off in cryptocurrency prices and the collapse of algorithmic stablecoin terraUSD and its related token Luna caused the dip. The drift resulted in a bear market, where the enthusiastic crypto community marvels whether cryptocurrencies will fall further. What's more, whether launching ICOs could work in a bear market? Well, yes, they can, since the bear market has erased unfit projects and given way to legit ones that will focus only on developing.

Bear Market Gives Room for Investors to Experiment

The bear market leads to the 60% discount rate that cryptocurrencies are now trading. It forces a project to be promising and worthy of any cryptocurrency deployment. Any investor who decides to invest in these challenging times will only be looking at the best projects, which would be unbearable to miss under any circumstances.

Cheap To Invest in ICOs During Bear Market

Secondly, because the valuation of coins in the market is down in a bear market, the crypto community could utilize it to make investments in ICOs. Crisply, for investors to begin investing in ICOs, they need to be familiar with the crypto market. Investors need to purchase a more conventional digital currency, which is currently at a low value. It would be cheap to invest in ICOs during a bear market. The norm with all cryptocurrencies is that a bear market is sometimes followed by a bull market, which may add value to the ICO investors after launching.

Problem-Solving ICOs Could Flourish

During a bear market, most of the crypto community tends to lose trust in existing coins in the market, hence causing a devaluation trend. Could launching ICOs during a devaluation period work? Yes, it could. That's because, to regain confidence from the community, an ICO should aim to solve the problems of the previous coins. ICOs should be firm and focused on development to pierce through the sea of existing cryptocurrencies, which are currently more than 10,390. For example, building apps for the realities of Web 3.0 or branching out into an industry like finance and developing a token for trading. All in all, ICOs that could work in a bear market should try and mitigate preceding faults and make significant developments that can recoup the crypto community’s trust.

Massive Returns After Bear Market

Investors could mint massive returns from ICOs launched during a bear market. Elliptically, investors need to purchase a more established coin to invest in an ICO, where they receive tokens in return. Investors could then exchange those tokens for cryptocurrencies, thus making a profit once the market is on an uptrend. The crypto community considers launching ICOs tempting for both start-ups and incumbents. That's because it requires a lot of wits and hard work to establish a successful one, let alone during a bear market.

ICOs Could Fill the Demand in the Market

The bear market causes a lot of skepticism in the crypto eco-system; nevertheless, it creates a colossal demand for investors to invest in different coins. Launching ICOs during a bear market could work because there’s enough room for those Initial Coin Offerings to flourish and fill the demand for failing digital currencies. The demand makes investors eager to jump on any bandwagon of a thriving ICO.


When everything is tumbling during the bear market, no one should think about making a fortune; everyone should think about building, which is the right mindset. When times like these come, correction is a significant answer, and it's healthy for everyone at the end of the day. If ICOs could work on improvements and developments, launching them during a bar market could work. Even though cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, it's up to the crypto network to be optimistic about innovations and improvements of ICOs, even during a bear market. That would play a significant role in guaranteeing that launching ICOs during a downtrend could work.