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Prom Integrates NADA Protocol, Boosting GameFi Sector

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 28 May 2024 12:01, UTC

Prom has integrate NADA Protocol into its ecosystem which is a notable progressive achievement in the GameFi sector. NADA Protocol is a decentralized gaming system using blockchain technology widely familiar for next-gen mobile games. These games are a mix of easy to play fun games with P2E mechanisms for casual gamers as well as for the Web3 space end-users and enthusiasts.

Prom Integrates NADA Protocol into the Ecosystem

We’re taking a turn to GameFi today: meet @NadaSlimeWorld, a blockchain-based game ecosystem.

NADA Protocol is a family of next-gen mobile games. It offers charming gameplay powered by P2E and diverse mechanics suitable for… pic.twitter.com/sBNjo2T9kK

— Prom (@prom_io) May 28, 2024

Prom Adopts NADA Protocol to Innovate Blockchain Gaming Solutions

NADA Protocol contains a set of mechanics which can be implied for the development of different game types and subgenres. It would also help Prom acquire more expertise with gaming mechanics, which will be a positive for all projects in that system. In particular, Prom wants to expand the variety of products and services offered through incorporating NADA Protocol within the game, thus making it an entertaining and informative experience for users.

This move fits well into Prom’s vision and mission statements that emphasize innovation and best practices in the realm of blockchain solutions. It is believed that the integration of NADA Protocol will expand the audience interested in Prom’s environment, which will provide the participants of the games with qualitatively different and engaging activities.

NADA Protocol’s Play-to-Earn Boosts Prom’s Gaming Experience

The concept of Play-to-Earn, which is incorporated in NADA Protocol’s economic model, enables the players to earn for their gaming time, which is a great virtue in the simultaneously entertaining and profitable gaming sphere.

Ultimately, the inclusion of NADA Protocol as an integrated part of Prom’s technology stack means having modern approaches to gamification and decentralized blockchain solutions. This partnership demonstrates Prom’s commitment towards growth and direction in reaching out and improving the projects it pursues. By integrating suitable games and gameplay model that suits NADA Protocol, Prom is likely to provide a fun and enjoyable game that provides well-earned rewards.