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The Ragnarok: Monster World Nyang Kit NFT Mint coming on May 28

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 21 May 2024 15:54, UTC

Ronin recently announced the launch date for the Ragnarok: Monster World Nyang Kit. The latest post on the platform confirms the kit’s release date of May 28.

During the event, users can earn Nyangvines, in-game benefits, and Ragmon tickets. They can even get their hands on a rare 1/200 Irochi Baphomet NFT. A few weeks ago, Ronin announced the return of Ragnarok.

The game boasts a loyal player base of 68 million across multiple titles. Nyangvines are not a new addition to the Monster World ecosystem; however, they are making a comeback. The addition will come with a twist via the Nyang Kit.

With this new kit, players will be able to gain new opportunities in the Ragnarok: Monster World realm. Every kit comes with 4 ERC 1155 NFTs, including 1 Nyangvine and 3 Ragmon Tickets.

After acquiring it, players can participate in exclusive lotteries for Nyangvine holders. They can win a spot in the Genesis Tamer raffle draw or one of the monthly raffle draws. Moreover, the kit opens up the chance to reward players with additional benefits. These benefits will be revealed later, with a chance for more rewards.

Players can mint individual Nyang Kits and packages during the Nyang Kit mint period. From immediate rewards like exclusive access to Irochi Baphomet NFTs to hidden rewards like raffle entries, Nyang Kit packs everything.

Minting one Nyang Kit will reward players with three Ragmon Tickets, which can be used to get new NFT Ragmons weekly. Players can use the Nyang in battle, merge them with other Ragmons for level, or even sell them in the marketplace.

Given the game’s popularity, the announcement is generating a lot of buzz. Players are excitedly waiting for the Nyang Kit mint to explore the benefits it brings.