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Earn Alliance Partners with MetaLend to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming Asset Management

source-logo  blockster.com 09 May 2024 21:30, UTC

Earn Alliance and MetaLend have joined forces to revolutionize asset management and trading within the gaming community. This strategic partnership introduces a groundbreaking airdrop initiative designed to enhance the gaming experience for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

MetaLend, known for its cutting-edge crypto trading platform tailored specifically for Web3 gaming assets, brings its expertise to the collaboration. By integrating MetaLend's advanced technology with Earn Alliance's expansive global ecosystem, gamers gain access to a highly-engaged community and a seamless platform for managing and trading their gaming assets.

Joseph “Coop” Cooper, CEO & Founder of Earn Alliance, highlights the significance of the partnership:
"MetaLend simplifies swaps and lending, making it a vital part of the Ronin ecosystem. Our collaboration will streamline the adoption of game NFTs and enhance our upcoming NFT marketplace aggregator."

Joseph “Coop” Cooper, CEO & Founder of Earn Alliance
Sudjeev Singh, Co-Founder of MetaLend, emphasizes the emergence of gamers as a new class of investors: "More games are being built on the blockchain, attracting gamers who hold significant gaming assets. MetaLend is dedicated to serving these users, offering insights into gameplay, graphics, and token integration within a game's economy."

Earn Alliance, with its gamified engagement-as-a-service platform, rewards users for their gaming activities and has rapidly grown to over 650,000 highly engaged gamers. Through this partnership, MetaLend and Earn Alliance aim to expand their reach and functionality while offering community benefits to gaming-oriented crypto audiences.

As part of the collaboration, MetaLend and Earn Alliance are launching a mission with a chance to win $5,000 in USDC from May 8-15. This initiative not only enhances the gaming experience but also creates a bridge for the future intersection of technology and gaming, opening up new possibilities for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

About Earn Alliance

Earn Alliance is reshaping the gaming landscape by bridging traditional gaming with blockchain technology. With innovative engagement strategies and a growing user base, Earn Alliance is empowering gamers to seamlessly transition into the web3 sphere.

About MetaLend

Founded by Sudjeev Singh and Nikhil Bhardwaj, MetaLend is a specialized trading platform offering innovative solutions for gaming tokens and NFTs. As the exclusive DeFi partner of the Ronin Chain, MetaLend is at the forefront of integrating gaming with cryptocurrency trading.