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Axie Infinity brings new updates to its ecosystem

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 12 April 2024 15:31, UTC

Axie Infinity has announced major updates to its ecosystem, poised to enhance users’ experience. They majorly pertain to Axie Experience Points (AXP) and Part Evolution. The goal is to make it seamless for players to wield their powers and level up their respective axies.

Unlimited Coco caps are effective immediately. Players can reach the limit of AXP in two ways – earn via gameplay and consume Coco. The updates enable players to combine both points and get the daily limit. Coco can then be fed to Axies, who are ultimately put to the test by players on the battlefield. Feeding Coco is not restricted to a single Axie. Instead, it extends to multiple of them, eliminating any limit players may otherwise face.

Auto-distribution comes into effect when the distribution has reached its cap. Coco moves on to the next Axie. Notably, Axie Infinity is hosting a Coco Eating Contest from April 11, 2024, to May 01, 2024. Players stand a chance to win an Origin Axie. Alternatively, players can choose to support their friends by feeding Coco. A single premium coco has been brought to the fourth regular Cocos for the contest.

Part Evolution has been upgraded to the Part Evolution Preview feature. It allows players to see the evolution without requiring the art to evolve the axie. This has been introduced to tackle the complexities around evolving an axie’s appearance. Players can select an inventory and click Preview Evolution to see the preview.

The development comes days after Axie Infinity launched new badges on the App Axie. This was done to celebrate the achievement of Part Evolution, material, and ascension. Eight new badges were launched in February as a cornerstone of Lunacian identity. Also, the team updated the platform to provide sleek activity and analytics tabs for land plots and axies.

Notably, the first update was in January of this year, changing SLP’s monetary policy. It brought an SLP supply cap, deflation targeting, and buyback funds. The update capped the supply of SLP to 44 billion. It further allows players to mint 2 SLP to burn 10 SLP for buyback and stability fund. The stability fund was seeded with 60,000 USDC.

The target is to bring deflation to 2%, as the team targets to create a source of demand that is steady and consistent. Thereby balancing the supply with demand.

An acronym for Smooth Love Potion, SLP has been an asset to the ecosystem for a long time. It has enabled economies to be built and the journey into the gameplay to be carried forward.

Simply put, Axie Infinity has been upgrading for a long time, bringing new elements or modifying the current ones. It has always worked, setting positive expectations about the recently announced updates – AXP caps, Coco Caps, and much more.