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MYSTiC GAMES and Jambo Announce Gaming Collaboration

source-logo  blockster.com 20 February 2024 17:52, UTC

Today, MYSTiC GAMES, a leading mobile game developer, has teamed up with Jambo, known for its innovative Web3 smartphones, to revolutionize gaming in emerging markets.

Their joint effort introduces 'Call of the VoYd,' a popular Web3 game by MYSTiC GAMES, pre-installed on all new JamboPhones. This move aims to make Web3 mobile gaming more accessible across 40+ countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, marking a significant step forward in bridging the digital gap.

MYSTiC GAMES, headquartered in Berlin and Stockholm, has earned acclaim for its immersive and innovative gaming experiences. Their latest offering, 'Call of the VoYd,' launched in 2023, has captivated audiences with its engaging gameplay and the opportunity to discover free NFTs.

By integrating this game into Jambo's latest technology, MYSTiC GAMES seeks to broaden its audience reach in emerging markets and provide cutting-edge gaming experiences to a diverse demographic.

Jambo introduces the JamboPhone, a revolutionary Web3 smartphone tailored for emerging markets. Priced affordably at $99, the JamboPhone serves as more than just a communication device; it acts as a gateway to the digital world.

Equipped with the JamboApp suite, including JamboPlay for gaming, JamboEarn for rewards, and JamboWallet for secure crypto transactions, the JamboPhone offers a comprehensive digital experience.
"With 'Call of the VoYd' pre-installed, users can seamlessly access innovative gaming and crypto earning opportunities, regardless of their geographical location or economic background."

The potential of play-to-earn gaming in emerging markets, particularly in Africa, is significant. As the continent undergoes rapid digital transformation, play-to-earn games, known for their decentralized and secure nature, are poised to contribute significantly to this evolution.

Offering a unique blend of entertainment and economic opportunity, these games enable players to earn tangible value through their gaming endeavors. This is especially meaningful in regions where access to traditional financial systems is limited, providing a new pathway for economic engagement and advancement.

James Zhang, CEO of Jambo, underscores the collaboration's significance in democratizing access to the digital economy globally. He remarks,
"Our collaboration with MYSTiC GAMES reflects our joint commitment to democratizing access to the digital economy globally."

James Zhang, CEO of Jambo
He adds, "By incorporating 'Call of the VoYd' into the JamboPhone, we're not just delivering an exciting gaming experience but also unlocking financial opportunities for our users in emerging markets."

MYSTiC GAMES' 'Call of the VoYd' is available now for download on iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play Store, offering users an unparalleled gaming experience coupled with the opportunity for financial empowerment and advancement.