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Solana's 'MixMob' Game Sets MXM Token Launch, First Airdrop Details

source-logo  decrypt.co 29 January 2024 16:46, UTC
Solana gaming platform MixMob will launch its MXM token this week, and we have first details for how the airdrop will work—and how many tokens will be provided to early supporters.

MixMob will launch the MXM token this Thursday, February 1, and the team says that the token will be listed on Bybit and “other leading” crypto exchanges. MXM is the governance token for MixMob, and it will also be airdropped to early users.

According to a MixMob representative, the project will give out 63 million MXM tokens via an airdrop, including buyers of MixBot NFTs and players of the game’s incentivized beta. MixMob recently held a public MixBots sale that saw 9,000 NFTs sold within 12 minutes, generating over $2.25 million in revenue in the process.

After the token generation event (TGE), MixMob says that it will launch another in-game season for its “race-to-earn” Racer1 game that’s tied to a further airdrop. Racer1 is the first MixMob game, mashing up racing gameplay with card-based interactions to add a strategic edge to your typical competitive sprints.

MixMob CEO Simon Vieira previously told Decrypt that it will also offer exclusive benefits to Solana Saga smartphone holders, including an airdrop. That continues the recent trend of Solana developers providing airdrops and perks to Saga owners. MixMob’s Saga perks are expected to roll out later this quarter.

Airdrops are a way for crypto apps and protocols to reward early users and contributors while also dispersing tokens to aid in the decentralized governance process.

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— MixMob (@MixMobOrigin) January 29, 2024

There’s been a rise in airdrops in recent months as the crypto market shows signs of stirring, including many around the gaming space. Arbitrum’s Xai gaming network launched its XAI token earlier this month, with prominent upcoming drops including PIXEL from the game Pixels and the cross-chain Portal token.