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Animoca Brands Acquires Azarus, Brings Streaming To Web3 Games - Crypto Daily

source-logo  cryptodaily.co.uk 30 October 2023 11:58, UTC

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  • Animoca Brands Acquires Azarus
  • Animoca Brands Looking To Solidify Position
  • Revolutionizing Streaming

In a significant move to expand metaverse gaming, Animoca Brands has acquired Web3 streaming platform Azarus in a bid to merge gameplay streaming, interaction, and blockchain-based rewards.

Azarus, known for its innovative Overlay Games and $2 million in rewards distributions, could significantly elevate the streaming experience.

Animoca Brands Acquires Azarus

While the terms of the deal remain under wraps, the move marks a seismic shift in the blockchain and gaming arena. Azarus is pioneering blockchain-based game streaming. The move by Animoca Brands aims to integrate Azarus’ innovative technology into Animoca Brands’ portfolio. This would help further enhance streaming capabilities within Web3 games. Animoca Brands is known to have a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking strategies and has always had an eye on Azarus.

Animoca Brands had previously invested in the platform, highlighting their belief in their potential. This move brings Azarus completely under the Animoca Brands name, with a future that combines streaming, interaction, and blockchain rewards.

Animoca Brands Looking To Solidify Position

Animoca Brands has invested in hundreds of Web3 companies and is looking to solidify its position as a key player in the Web3 space. The combination of Azarus’ expertise in blockchain-powered game streaming and Animoca Brands’ experience in developing and publishing digital games will help the latter achieve its goal of harnessing Web3 technology and creating a player-owned economy. This economy will help creators, gamers, and streamers control their digital property rights.

Animoca Brands is looking to accelerate a shift in gaming culture, where Web3 will act as an incentivization layer. Azarus would allow games to unlock new revenue sources, reward their audience, and incentivize their followers. Viewers can also direct revenue to their favorite creators, helping them produce outstanding content.

Revolutionizing Streaming

Azarus has been on a mission to prove that streaming is not just a digital version of regular television. Instead, the company has shown us that streaming can be interactive, engaging, and rewarding, turning the streaming world on its head. Animoca Brands saw the potential in Azarus’ Overlay Games, which allows streamers to integrate advertising and games into their streams. Azarus also introduced a video stream wallet, along with games that layered over the video player. This created a direct line of engagement with the audience.

Azarus’ innovation caught the attention of several big brands and top streamers, who jumped on board and contributed around $2 million in rewards to 20 million unique players.

With the acquisition of Azarus, Animoca Brands is looking to redefine streaming. Alexander Casassovici, the person behind Azarus, summed it up by saying,

“This move is about creating an immersive experience, transforming every viewer from a passive observer to an active participant. It’s about unlocking the full potential of streaming in the metaverse. By integrating Azarus, Animoca is setting the stage for creators to take their content across digital realms, bringing their audience with them, and opening doors to unprecedented sponsorship opportunities and fan engagement rewards.”

Casassovici described the acquisition as a win for the streaming world, the larger blockchain community, and millions of viewers and gamers worldwide. With the acquisition, Animoca Brands has created a new standard.

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