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Game of Silks Raises $5M in Second Financing Round

source-logo  blockster.com 11 October 2023 17:41, UTC

BOCA RATON — Game of Silks, the trailblazing blockchain gaming platform that transports enthusiasts into the thrilling world of thoroughbred horse racing, has announced the triumphant closure of its Series Seed 2 funding round, securing a substantial $5 million investment.

In a landscape where funding for blockchain gaming has seemingly stagnated, this cash infusion not only fortifies Silks' position as a vanguard in the rapidly expanding domain of blockchain fantasy sports but also cements it as the quintessential blockchain gaming platform for horse racing aficionados.

Silks CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Nissanoff, remarked, "Securing this funding in such a turbulent economic climate attests to the potential of blockchain gaming and underscores our early success in a field where growth is the exception rather than the rule.
"While most companies grapple with capital acquisition, we've shown that blockchain fantasy sports remain robust, poised to revolutionize fan engagement in the world of horse racing."

Dan Nissanoff, Silks CEO and Co-Founder
He added, "This capital injection empowers us to continue charting a new gaming epoch where gamified digital collectibles fuel unparalleled enthusiasm for real-world horse racing, uniting people with a sport cherished by millions across the globe. We are redefining the future of horse racing, blockchain gaming, and fantasy sports."

The timing of this capital injection is pivotal, coinciding with Game of Silks' transformative alliances with industry titans such as NYRA, NYRA BETS, Saratoga Race Track, Belmont Race Track, Aqueduct, and FOX Sports' Americas Best Racing.

Additionally, Silks recently forged a partnership with The Jockey Club, an organization steeped in history and reverence within the equestrian world, having been established in 1894. These collaborations have already begun to reshape the landscape of both horse racing and digital gaming, presenting fresh avenues for growth in a sport grappling with its own set of challenges.

Duncan Taylor of Taylor Made, the world's largest purveyor of thoroughbred racehorses and one of the strategic investors in this round, expressed, "When we look at Game of Silks, we don't just see a game; we see a transformative platform that heralds the future of horse racing. Investing in this round signifies more than a financial commitment - it marks our dedication to forging a partnership that will invigorate and elevate the sport to its glory days when horse racing was the largest spectator sport in the US."
"We've evaluated numerous Web 3.0 gaming platforms and identified Game of Silks as one of the most innovative and compelling applications of blockchain technology."

Lloyd Purser of FunFair Ventures
Game of Silks is reshaping the very essence of horse racing fandom by affording enthusiasts a fresh perspective – that of an owner. The game immerses players in the ownership experience of real-world thoroughbreds, allowing them to amass digital gaming assets that track the careers of racehorses. It rewards players when their virtual equine charges emerge victorious in real-world races and contribute to breeding in the tangible equestrian realm.

For those seeking more information or aspiring to become a part of this burgeoning gaming experience, visit silks.io.

About Game of Silks

Game of Silks, one of the fastest-growing blockchain games, stands as the pioneer in mirroring the world of thoroughbred horse racing in the blockchain gaming universe. Launched in June 2021 by Co-founders Dan Nissanoff and Troy Levy, Game of Silks has successfully garnered over $10 million in capital from a league of eminent strategic investors and has organically cultivated a community boasting more than 25,000 enthusiasts.