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Axie Infinity launches Homeland pre-beta phase

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 07 September 2023 13:11, UTC

Axie Infinity has announced the launch of Homeland Pre-Beta for an indefinite period of time. This follows the launch of its alpha version in December 2022. Axie will, meanwhile, transition from season format to phase format with a new reward system. The idea is to align the incentive system with the current economic structure of the project.

The pre-beta phase will enable the developers to fine-tune the project and ensure that it is ready for its official release. This is identical to what was attempted in the alpha release. Following this accomplishment, the decision has been made to introduce a pre-beta version. Every aspect of the game will be evaluated, enhanced, and re-evaluated.

Reward distribution will be in mAXS, allowing players to accumulate the native token by participating in events. This includes attending a gathering, winning a battle, and crafting a new experience.

The reward will first go to Lockbox, where the team will withdraw and verify the content. This is a weekly activity scheduled to happen every Monday. Once verified, the token will be minted for AXS and made available on App.Axie. Players will have to claim the reward when it becomes available in order to have it in their respective accounts.

Axie Infinity will determine how to incorporate the reward system into its mechanism effectively. Indicating that more rewards will likely be distributed in the coming days. This will provide an equal opportunity for all to earn the native token. The Moonfall mechanism is another potential feature that has sparked speculation since the announcement.

Moonfalls will only be visible to players who complete rare actions. A list of rare actions to earn the sacred reward is not public yet, but one can assume that it will be displayed at the time of engaging with the content.

Not only does a player collect a token, but they also receive a reward if they complete rare actions during the game. From the announcement, a player can activate the incentive by defeating a special enemy (no description yet), gathering a deposit of Level 5 or higher, and crafting a legendary or mythical item.

Players who accomplish the task will earn 21 Moonfalls daily at the Game or Server level. A trick to earning Moonfall is by defeating a stronger enemy, gathering high-level deposits, and crafting a mythical item. Tasks can be shared or delegated among friends to earn Moonfall.

Normal Earning and Moonfall are both subjected to the same reward system, where the second step is an instant deposit of mAXS to LockBox. The Homeland team then verifies the reward and makes it available on the said link.

Axie Infinity intends to implement a self-sustaining economic system in the future. In addition to ensuring that the reward system adheres to the ecosystem’s economic principles, additional effort was expended to increase the engagement of participants with the ecosystem.