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TOPIA Worlds Introduces A New Frontier In The Gaming World

source-logo  moonstats.com 26 May 2023 00:07, UTC

The gaming world keeps advancing as technology evolves. In that context, TOPIA was designed to represent a fresh spin on the gaming space, gaining from the strengths of its Minecraft connections while providing an assortment of engaging features that are designed to push the boundaries of the gaming space.

As you dive deeper into TOPIA, you will learn about its journey from NFT worlds, its interesting opportunities for developers, and the integral role of the $TOPIA Token and the TOPIA Chain.

By description, TOPIA is a collaborative project that is led by a community that is actively involved in Minecraft’s modding coupled with a third-party games network for more than ten years. TOPIA looks to address the perceived limitations within the Minecraft network by modernizing gaming experiences and extending its creative expression in the burgeoning space of Web3 gaming.

TOPIA was designed with a clear vision: to advance into the next Minecraft. This includes boosting an environment that encourages and supports innovation and partnership among an active community of content creators and players. This incredible ethos might pave the way for developing a gaming experience that most believe is beyond Minecraft’s capabilities.

TOPIA Features

TOPIA is designed with many interesting features meant to create an intriguing and inclusive gaming atmosphere. First, TOPIA is free to play. It does not require any account or game purchase. Moreover, it supports web and desktop play, delivering native frame rates for a seamless gaming experience.

From Minecraft’s best features, TOPIA guarantees a familiar gaming atmosphere that lets players adapt and thrive to their full potential. Additionally, the platform is set to prioritize social and community interaction by allowing players to join their favorite TOPIA games with their colleagues and friends.

This platform also offers massive cosmetic systems that enable gamers to express themselves in every TOPIA game. Developers and content creators are granted lots of tooling, providing room for unlimited creativity. Backward compatibility will let players link and enjoy their favorite Minecraft servers, hence reinforcing TOPIA’s Minecraft lineage.

Interestingly, TOPIA has been developed in RUST from the beginning, underlining its commitment to technological independence and prowess.

How TOPIA Evolved From NFT Worlds

TOPIA’s journey started under the name of NFT Worlds. Via Minecraft’s 3rd party developer network, their primary intention was to set up a huge server network by implementing a blockchain layer. The layer connected to Minecraft servers supported cross-server game currency and underpinned player rewards and content access via digital collectibles.

NFT Worlds gained a massive following, attracting almost 100,000 active players and facilitating at least one million in-game transactions.

Nevertheless, the banning of third-party blockchain technology by Minecraft prompted them to think about this strategy. Taking on the imminent challenge, the team pivoted and rebranded as TOPIA, with the huge ambition of creating a platform that competes with big operators like Roblox and Minecraft.

Furthermore, they opted to integrate blockchain elements to boost decentralized game economies and create open systems that are governed by their community.

Opportunities That Developers Get From TOPIA Worlds

TOPIA Worlds are digital collectibles that were distributed freely upon TOPIA’s launch. Every TOPIA World NFT is distinct, with a limit of 10,000 digital collectibles.

At its center, TOPIA is a platform that hosts many games. Developers striving to launch games on the platform need to own one of the ‘Worlds’.

Owning a TOPIA World lets developers create monetized and majorly multiplayer games that are accessible and playable by all gamers on TOPIA. Nevertheless, the utility of TOPIA Worlds extends far past this.

TOPIA World owners can readily stake their World to get $TOPIA rewards daily, rent it to other creators, and deploy smart contracts to TOPIA’s blockchain. Also, owning a TOPIA World rewards gamers with recurring cosmetic lootboxes.

Role Of The TOPIA Chain And $TOPIA Tokens

The TOPIA Chain is an integral blockchain technology that powers the whole TOPIA ecosystem. This platform is critical for all aspects of the network, including in-game trading and ownership of different digital items.

In that context, the TOPIA Chain is a semi-permissioned blockchain. While anybody can use this blockchain, only authorized community members and respective projects can deploy new contracts and networks on the chain. This distinct strategy guarantees security by protecting against harmful smart contracts and protecting the users from threats.

$TOPIA Token is the network’s native currency that supports transactions and trades among the players, Worlds, and other engagements. With a capped supply of 5 billion, the token supports a stable, incentive-driven platform for players and creators.

It plays an integral role in securing value exchanges across the TOPIA network and facilitates network fees for seamless operations. Furthermore, the $TOPIA Token also provides staking options, governance, and rewards, all important to the process and growth of the TOPIA network.

The Takeaway

This TOPIA project is not just about boosting gaming experiences or growing the community; it is all about developing a new paradigm within the gaming space.

The project is creating a customized realm featuring an independent gaming landscape that is inspired by Minecraft but perfectly designed to extend beyond it. What attracts many users to TOPIA is that it strives to innovate and collaborate, inviting content creators, gamers, and contributors to play a major role in shaping the dynamic gaming platform.

With the full game release set for later this year, everyone seems to be looking forward to seeing what TOPIA can deliver.