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PokerGO and Gala Games Team Up to Revolutionize Poker

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 22 May 2023 23:55, UTC
  • PokerGO Play integrates web3 technology for an enhanced social poker experience
  • Maria Ho was appointed as the official PokerGO Play ambassador.
  • PokerGO and Gala Games synergize poker entertainment with advanced Web3 expertise.

PokerGO, is an online poker firm, and Gala Games, is a leading name in social and web3 experiences. They have collaborated to launch an innovative web3 social poker game called PokerGO Play. Slated to be released in June, the game promises to change how poker is played, appreciated, and experienced globally.

Poker Redefined for a New Generation

In the growing age of digital experiences, it’s only natural for traditional games like poker to find a new life on online platforms. However, what PokerGO Play proposes goes beyond just an online game version. This pioneering platform aims to revolutionize the entire social experience associated with poker, creating world enthusiasts dive into and relish.

What sets PokerGO Play apart from other online poker platforms is its integration of web3 technology. And, the impressive features like excellent overall functionality and ground-breaking gameplay. Furthermore, players can win exclusive real-world prizes, adding a tangible incentive for participation.

The marketing for this upcoming platform has already been initiated with the announcement of Maria Ho, as the official ambassador. Additionally, she is a renowned female poker player. Ho’s task will not only be to promote the platform but also to be one of the poker figures. Meanwhile, she is represented as an avatar in the game.

Blankenship Hails PokerGO Play

Richard Blankenship, the Revenue Officer at PokerGO, expressed his enthusiasm for the forthcoming platform. However, he praised the synergy between PokerGO’s wide-ranging experience in poker entertainment and the advanced Web3 development expertise at Gala Games.

“Together, we have been able to build a superior social poker game that players everywhere will love,” Blankenship affirmed.