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Floki P2E Game “Valhalla” Gets Significant Upgrade 3 Weeks After Major Release


thecryptobasic.com 17 January 2023 14:54, UTC
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The latest upgrade brings performance improvements and new features, including a PvP mode.

The Floki team has released a significant upgrade to Valhalla, its Metaverse Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, just three weeks after its official major release on Optimism Goerli. The latest upgrade fixes major bugs plaguing the initial release and introduces new features that will complement the gaming experience.

The team announced the update through its official Twitter handle Monday, sharing a link to the release notes. According to the tweet, the update brings features such as an online PvP mode, a new ability system for Veras, an achievement system, updated camera controls, and some performance upgrades.

#Valhalla just had a MAJOR update

– PVP Online
– Achievement System
– New Vera Ability System
– Performance Updates
– Updated Camera Controls
– &more!

– Release notes: https://t.co/1KlvHDBPVI
– Play: https://t.co/4RdzV4CcGk
– Tutorial: https://t.co/8t4ONFOCg3

Expect more soon pic.twitter.com/AX1GK8M9ft

— FLOKI (@RealFlokiInu) January 16, 2023

The release notes further provide more insight into the newly-introduced features:

  • The introduction of a Player versus Player (PvP) mode gives users (often referred to as “Vikings”) the ability to play against other players in a multiplayer scene, including strangers and friends.
  • The ability system of Veras (playable characters) has been upgraded to allow these characters to gain new abilities through several means other than just leveling up. In addition, the levels have been increased to 9, from the previous maximum of 2.
  • The update also introduces a new Achievement System that will help track any player’s battle history and achievements. The team has noted that the game will soon reward players for their achievements.
  • Players can now bring more than one Vera (playable character) to the battlefield.
  • The upgrade also improves the game’s performance, such as its graphics rendering abilities. The team has promised a noticeable difference in performance. As part of the improvement, the upgrade has resolved the issue of players who reported getting stuck on the game’s title screen.
  • The patch also fixed some user interface (UI) issues that resulted in the absence of the “confirm” button when a reward is pending and the selection buttons when leveraging a particular Vera’s “Re-Direct” ability.

The recent update is the latest in a long line of performance upgrades. It underscores the Floki team’s dedication to improving the metaverse game, which has often been touted as one of the leading P2E games within the crypto scene.

Ten months after the release of the first testnet phase, the team announced the first major release on the Optimism Goerli last month. The team completed the release on December 27. CoinGecko ranked Floki’s Valhalla Metaverse two days after the release as one of the leading crypto metaverses.

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