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U.S. Gamers Can Now Win Crypto Playing Fortnite With Unikrn


sludgefeed.com 24 December 2018 14:00, UTC
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Unikrn, a cryptocurrency-driven esports betting platform backed by Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher, has launched UMode, a player-vs-house betting platform that enables gamers to earn fiat or crypto by betting on themselves in normal matchmaking gameplay.

Mega huge release for Unikrn, check https://t.co/7D701PnhMG for a peak at some of the changes in your area of the world!

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— Rahul Sood 🦄 (@rahulsood) December 17, 2018

According to a recent interview with Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood, amateur gamers can place bets on themselves in matches of League of LegendsDota 2 and Fortnite. UMode currently supports bets with UnikoinGold (UKG), Unikrn’s token, and fiat currencies. All bets placed with UKG offer larger payouts.

“Unikrn is built by gamers and is striving to give fans a way to heighten gaming even more,” Sood said. “Over years, our fans have begged us for a way to back their own games and make their matchmaking more interesting, and now we’ve developed a way to do so which avoids the pitfalls of traditional players-vs-player skill betting.”

Gamers only need to link their accounts to a Connekt account and place their bets, which will pay out for placing first in a battle royale or being on the winning team in Dota or League of Legends.

UMode is now available around the world and in 41 states.

This news comes 2 months after Unikrn received an Isle of Man license with regulatory approval for both crypto and real money betting in 20 countries across 3 continents. While this license allows gamers to bet on pro esports competitions, the addition of UMode will undoubtedly help drive user adoption.

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