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Luxurious Brands Looking To Accept Crypto Payment In Their Stores


cryptoknowmics.com 13 May 2022 01:44, UTC
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It has been observed over the years that Bitcoin has dominated the cryptocurrency market significantly and has taken the world by storm. The leading and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has become a generally accepted and legal means of funding sourcing and payment by various companies. Crypto payment has caused a revolution in the digital payment system and has provided an alternative for people who do not have access to traditional banks. To avail benefits of using Bitcoin, some top stores and brands have decided to accept cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment. We will give you a comprehensive and detailed list of some of the top stores and brands that have recently joined the train to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Brands Accepting Crypto Payment

While Blockchain technology is still posing confusion for some people, several top companies, stores, and brands are jumping on board. The following are some of the top brands that are accepting cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as a legal form of payment:


Microsoft is one of the big brands that enable payment via cryptocurrency. It does not just allow users to use cryptocurrency to top up their accounts. It also provides an opportunity for users to use cryptocurrency for other services. For example, you can use Bitcoin to pay for Microsoft apps, games, and other digital content on Microsoft.


Wikipedia is the most comprehensive open-source encyclopedia in the world. They used to make use of Bitcoin for accepting donations and financial contributions. However, earlier this month, they announced they wouldn't be accepting donations in cryptocurrency based on recent feedback from [volunteers and donor] communities.


Besides buying and selling crypto, PayPal customers in California in the United States use cryptocurrency at merchants accepting PayPal payments. Some of the cryptocurrency accepted includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.


Starbucks has been accepting Bitcoin since 2020 in its Starbucks application. Through the use of Bitcoin, you can reload your Starbucks card.


AT&T is one of the significant Mobile phone providers in the United States that allows its customers to make payments through cryptocurrency through Bitpay or a third-party payment gateway.


Overstock is a popular online retailer located in the United States. It is the first retailer that accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment by partnering with Coinbase. As a result, it has started accepting crypto payments before the likes of PayPal and Microsoft.


Twitch added cryptocurrency as a means of payment in 2014. The top game streaming video platform owned by Amazon accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Home Depot

Through the Flexa payment system, the popular home improvement retailer accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment.


CheapAir started accepting crypto payments via Coinbase, then later switched to BTCPayserver. It uses stablecoins and digital currencies as a means of payment for booking a flight and making hotel reservations.


Newegg makes it extremely easy for its customers to make payments with cryptocurrency. It has provided an avenue on its application for crypto payment by just clicking on Pay With Bitcoin when checking out.

Reasons Why Brands Are Accepting BTC and Crypto Payment


Most brands and stores want to avoid the additional expenses and costs of using a traditional payment system. These expenses, such as administrative and operational costs, are reduced to a very high proportion by using Blockchain technology void of third-party. For example, there is no restriction on cryptocurrency in any country, and there are no chances of incurring foreign exchange or handling fees. Therefore, this allows business owners to have a higher profit margin and offer customers the best value for their money, irrespective of their location.


The advancement in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a means of payment enables merchants and consumers to connect worldwide. Through the use of crypto payment, cross-country payment has enabled businesses to expand their horizon worldwide and make transactions with their customers irrespective of their geographical location. Moreover, compared with the traditional way of paying, crypto payment does not require the presence of intermediaries, so it eliminates them, leading to a faster speed of transaction.


Crypto transactions are irreversible, unlike bank transactions which makes them incredibly safe for usage and protects businesses from unnecessary expenses. Chargebacks tend to be malicious when customers request funds after successfully receiving the services and goods. Cryptocurrency payment protects small enterprises that are often the victim of chargebacks. Crypto payment providers like Binance Pay also help prevent chargeback fraud by ensuring that traders are not put in a risky position when carrying out business transactions.


Through cryptocurrency as a means of payment, business owners can establish their businesses as modern and unique brands. Branding your label crypto-friendly helps position you and your brand as contemporary and promising. In addition, Crypto payment allows you to improve your customer's experiences when carrying out payment transactions.


With so much online shopping and mobile payment, adding crypto as a means of payment will aid businesses and customer relations. By providing a crypto payment option, you deliver your customers more flexibility to pay and ensure that you do not lose any earnings due to a limited payment option.


Cryptocurrency is the game-changer for the payment system. Finally, more people are getting comfortable making payments with cryptocurrency. So don't miss out on this remarkable shift. Instead, start making maximum preparations to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

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