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Circle CEO describes unprecedented optimism about the future of crypto

source-logo  cryptoslate.com 20 June 2024 08:00, UTC

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said he has “never been more optimistic than right now” about the future of crypto in his 11 years leading the firm behind the USDC stablecoin.

In a detailed social media post, Allaire outlined his reasons for this positive outlook, emphasizing the potential of crypto and the progress made over the past decade. He suggested that the majority of people still do not fully grasp the unfolding changes in digital finance.

Drawing on his extensive experience with internet technology adoption cycles, Allaire believes crypto will play a significant role in society and the economy.

Historical progression

Allaire highlighted the historical progression of open networks, protocols, and software, each layer enhancing the internet’s utility. He views the current state of crypto as a new layer of internet infrastructure, one that adds a crucial trust component previously missing.

He argued that this positions the crypto industry and its underlying technology to significantly impact societal and economic functions. According to Allaire:

“Digital tokens, issued on public blockchains and intermediated by smart contracts, could create a trusted environment on a global scale.”

He pointed to the advancements since 2012, noting that what was once considered fringe and complex is now recognized as groundbreaking and essential.

Allaire listed several achievements and technical progressions in the crypto space, including the evolution of public blockchain infrastructure into its third generation, which supports large-scale applications with trusted data and transactions.

He also emphasized the innovative global community working on improving blockchain networks, security, privacy, and transaction throughput.

Growing acceptance

The Circle CEO further pointed to the growing acceptance of digital assets in the global financial system, with clear regulatory frameworks emerging worldwide. Allaire said:

“Bitcoin has become one of the largest and most important alternative investment assets on the planet.”

He added that major asset management firms — including the world’s largest BlackRock — now offer blockchain-based products and services, including direct regulated exposure to Bitcoin via spot and futures exchange-traded products worldwide.

Allaire also highlighted the widespread adoption of stablecoins, which he deems crypto’s “killer app.” He predicted that by the end of 2025, stablecoins would be legally recognized as electronic money in nearly all major jurisdictions, potentially transforming the $100 trillion electronic money market.

The Circle CEO also said that he is particularly interested in the breakthroughs in security and scalability technologies like Zero-Knowledge proofs and Fully Homomorphic Encryption. He envisions a future where crypto computing underpins significant applications across various sectors.

Allaire reflected on the rapid advancements in the past decade and the early stages of crypto adoption. He posed a series of forward-looking questions about the future of digital assets, smart contracts, and blockchain networks, suggesting that these innovations could reshape finance, commerce, and governance globally.

According to Allaire, digital assets are on a “rapid pace” to become integral parts of societal and economic structures. He said:

“All of this is achievable over the next 10+ years.”