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MicroStrategy’s Stock Soars Amid Bitcoin Holdings Growth

source-logo  coinspress.com 28 May 2024 04:10, UTC

MicroStrategy has 214400 bitcoins, which made its price jump by 146% this year and is now over 30 billion dollars in market capitalization. Consequently, it was added to many major index funds.

Despite falling down 11% since the beginning of this year, MSCI World Index will include MicroStrategy (MSTR) on 31 May according to Reuters article published on May 15.

At the same time, Investing.com disclosed about MSTR becoming part of Russell 100 with SuperMicro Computers (SMCI). Yet Russell 200 can boast only 3% rise over these months, whereas SMCI went up by 210%.

They are sometimes referred two micros because they have done so well on stock market.

Forbes announces that MicroStrategy (MSTR) will be entering Russell 100 index on 28 June during its annual reconstitution.

With the possible rise in Bitcoin prices MicroStrategty may build from this high on its BTC investment to attract passive investments or even buy more Bitcoin it aims at reaching the mark of S&P 500.