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Donald Trump’s Crypto Portfolio Surpasses $10 Million

source-logo  beincrypto.com  + 4 more 27 May 2024 15:43, UTC

According to Arkham Intelligence, former US President Donald Trump’s portfolio has reached a new milestone.

His on-chain holdings have exceeded $10 million, primarily due to the surge in value of the $TRUMP coin, now trading at $12.67.

$TRUMP Coin Boosts His Portfolio

As of the latest data, Trump holds $7.34 million worth of $TRUMP coin. The asset’s price recently rose by $1.40, significantly boosting his portfolio.

“His owning $10M crypto is mainly fuelled by the rise in price of the $TRUMP coin, of which Trump currently holds $7.3M,” Arkham noted.

Trump’s diverse cryptocurrency portfolio includes several notable assets. He owns 463.35 ETH, valued at approximately $1.81 million, and 1 million MVP tokens worth $480,590. Additionally, he holds 20 billion CONAN tokens, valued at $312,800. The portfolio also lists two entries for BABYTRUMP: 950,000 coins worth $149,840 and 900,190 coins valued at $7,590. Trump also owns 53,1728 TRUMP coins worth $13.540 and 11,989 USDC worth $11,990.

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Donald Trump’s Crypto Portfolio. Source: Arkham Intelligence

The politician’s engagement with cryptocurrency extends beyond personal investments. Recently, he made several pro-crypto statements, highlighting that the US must lead in this growing sector. Moreover, Trump’s campaign has started accepting crypto donations in various digital assets, including Bitcoin.

“I am very positive and open-minded to cryptocurrency companies. Our country must be the leader in the field. There is no second place,” Trump stated.

This support for the crypto industry sharply contrasts with President Joe Biden’s administration, which he accuses of wanting to stifle the industry. At the Libertarian Party’s National Convention in Washington, Trump pledged to protect the right to self-custody crypto assets and prevent the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

“I will support the right to self-custody. I will keep Elizabeth Warren and her goons away from your bitcoin,” Trump added.

Trump’s pro-crypto stance is boosting his election prospects. According to Polymarket, a crypto-based prediction platform, he has a 56% chance of winning, compared to Biden’s 38%. His campaign’s acceptance of digital asset donations marks a significant move, in stark contrast to the current administration’s approach to cryptocurrency.


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