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OKX and Jambo Partner to Expand Web3 Access in Emerging Markets

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 23 May 2024 12:35, UTC

Jambo has partnered with OKX, the world’s leading global crypto exchange and Web3 technology company. It is an important part of the web3 mobile stack. Both standing “shoulder-to-shoulder”, the partnership will help to continue opening access for emerging markets to the digital economy through next-generation Web3 and mobile technology. All this is facilitated using OKX’s investment vehicle OKX Ventures. These firms have the shared mission of bringing Web3 technologies to a wider audience.

Big Bang! OKX Ventures is investing in Jambo with a shared mission of enhancing access to Web3 technologies and driving adoption. @okx @okxweb3 @okx_vietnam @JamboTechnology
Read more: https://t.co/ldlFMniPzu #OKXVentures #JAMBO #PHONE #Blockchain #Innovation pic.twitter.com/6cDyBiLMAT

— OKX Ventures (@OKX_Ventures) May 23, 2024

Jambo and OKX Partnership to Boost Financial Inclusion with Web3 Tools

This partnership will unite OKX’s exchange and wallet functionalities with JamboPhone, an affordable Web3 mobile device suitable for emerging countries. The integration makes it easy for users to use a wider range of trading, non-custodial maintaining over 200,000 currencies across 90+ chains and decentralized applications as well as the largest encryption market.

JamboPhone faces major challenges in emerging economies where large fractions continue to be excluded from traditional financial services and smartphone access is still limited. Jambo, through its cooperation with OKX intends to offer secure, user-friendly and accessible Web3 mobile solutions for millions in these regions. It is expected that this partnership would further enhance the ability of individuals to take part in the growing digital economy, thus promoting broader financial participation.

The co-founder of Jambo previously remarked on the immense impact this collaboration could have. In numerous rising markets, the sharing of smartphones amongst relatives restricts private use. Introducing the JamboPhone might change lives by offering extra consistent access to digital resources. Embedding OKX inside the Jambo ecosystem simplifies the method for customers in these areas to interact with the digital economic system safely and successfully.

The Collaboration Will Make Web3 Technologies Accessible and Practical

For OKX, this collaboration with Jambo is an essential step towards ending the digital divide in developing markets. By offering affordable, and accessible expertise, they hope to enable more people to participate within the digital economic system where it can promote financial inclusion and have a faster impact on economic growth.

The collaboration is ready to change the best way prospects on this area work together with the digital world, as Web3 applied sciences turn out to be extra accessible and sensible for day-to-day use. The partnership has the potential to significantly increase participation in the digital economy and drive growth.