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Italians crypto holders rise to 1.5 million

source-logo  en.cryptonomist.ch 25 February 2024 08:35, UTC

Italian crypto holders rise to 1.5 million, with 44.5% being Millennials. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana are among the most chosen cryptocurrencies in Italy.


Italian crypto holders are 1.5 million, 2.5% of the entire population in Italy

According to the study by YouHodler, a Web3 FinTech platform, it seems that Italian crypto holders are now 1.5 million, equivalent to 2.5% of the entire population in Italy.

Of these 1.5 million cryptocurrency investors, 44.5% are from the Y generation, or Millennials, compared to 31% from Gen Z.

Not only that, from the data it emerged that Italian Millennials crypto holders prefer some cryptocurrencies. In fact, investments are for 37% in Bitcoin (BTC), 16% in Ethereum (ETH) and 8% in Solana (SOL).

But that’s not all, Italian Millennials also invest 5% in both Ripple (XRP) and Sui (SUI).

Cryptocurrency choices are instead different for Gen Z, who prefer to accumulate 41% Bitcoin (BTC), 7% Litecoin (LTC), and 5.5% Sui (SUI). Interest in Ethereum and Solana drops to 13.5% and 7.5% compared to the percentages of Millennials.

Italian crypto holders: how does Generation X behave?

Obviously, among Italian crypto investors there must also be members of the Generation X who however consider them more for the diversification of their investments.

For Generation X, the favorite cryptocurrencies for their investments are Bitcoin at 31%, while Ethereum at 16.5% and Solana at 10%.

Not only that, unlike other generational groups, Generation X is betting 5.5% on Cardano (ADA) and Avalanche (AVAX) and 5% on SUI and LTC.

In this regard, the experts at YouHolder declare the following:

“The increasing involvement of Italians in the cryptocurrency market is a positive indicator of investors’ confidence in digital assets. This confidence is found in all age groups, albeit with different choices. Analyzing what happens on our platform, it emerges that those most inclined to diversify are investors from Generation X, who approach digital assets with the same methodologies applied in traditional investments: a less aggressive and more conservative choice that protects their wealth, limiting both gains and risks.”

Binance’s report

In late December, even the famous crypto-exchange, Binance, had released its report on Italian crypto holders.

From the data, it emerged that 72% of Italian users of Binance are optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies in the country, in terms of growth, adoption, and future benefits.

Specifically, the main drivers for crypto adoption in Italy include the high potential return (for 20%) and the appeal of crypto decentralization (for 18%).

Even interest in innovation and Blockchain technology (15%) plays a significant role in the beautiful country.

Not only that, 84% of Italian users are also classified as “crypto-native”. Specifically, 70% of Italian crypto holders on Binance have been involved in the crypto world for 1 to 5 years, while 14% for more than 5 years.