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Mudrex Gains VASP Status in Italy, Expanding Crypto Investment Reach

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 02 October 2023 10:44, UTC

Mudrex is a worldwide crypto investment platform headquartered in San Francisco. It has made significant progress in regulatory compliance and market penetration. Its newest news concerns its regulatory clearance by Italy’s “Organismo Agenti e Mediatori” (OAM). This certification makes the organization a Virtual Asset Service Provider.

Mudrex Surpasses One Million Users, Drives Ambitious Global Growth

Mudrex has prioritized regulatory clearances in major global markets, including the EU and India in recent months. The Italian OAM’s accreditation helped Mudrex achieve its goal of democratizing crypto investing globally. After Mudrex shown its commitment to EU operating standards, the achievement was made possible.

Mudrex has expanded across the EU in the previous six months, especially after its registration in Italy. This development demonstrates the company’s commitment to EU expansion.

More than one million global investors utilize Mudrex, which has made cryptocurrency investing easier. The site has capitalized on cryptocurrency’s rising popularity by attracting a large number of users. Mudrex’s consumer confidence has led to ambitious global expansion plans. Mudrex is obtaining UK permissions to begin operations.

Mudrex CEO and Co-founder Edul Patel was thrilled by this development and the company’s readiness to enter European markets. Patel stressed Mudrex’s competence in the Indian market in improving its products and positioning itself for European expansion. Mudrex provides safe and user-friendly solutions that meet Italian crypto enthusiasts’ evolving needs, according to the author. Patel stressed that the invention advances Mudrex’s mission of providing universal financial future access. Patel has also shown interest in helping Italian crypto investors.

Umberto Zanin Reveals Mudrex’s Strategic Growth Goals in Italy

Umberto Zanin, Mudrex’s Country Manager in Italy, confirmed these views and outlined the company’s plans. After Mudrex’s successful formation in Italy, Zanin claims the company’s goal is to increase investment product accessibility through varied registered organizations, such as banking partner applications. Zanin believes this move is crucial to Mudrex’s goal of democratizing profitable cryptocurrency investments for all Italians.

Mudrex, founded in 2018, seeks to reduce crypto investment volatility and improve long-term retention. This allows regular investors to capitalize on cryptocurrency’s wealth-generating potential. Y-Combinator helped Edul Patel, Alankar Saxena, Rohit Goyal, and Prince Arora create the company. Mudrex, with offices in the US and India, aims to be the first global crypto asset management platform.