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BRICS Will Snuff Out US, IMF and World Bank Hegemony, Says Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel

source-logo  dailyhodl.com 09 June 2023 04:22, UTC

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel says the economic coalition known as BRICS could bring an end to the current world order dominated by the United States.

In a new interview with RT, Diaz-Canel says that BRICS offers a way out for countries that are being pressured into accepting the United States’ hegemonistic policies.

According to Cuba’s president, nations across the world are lining up to join BRICS as the economic bloc is on a mission to integrate the economies of developing countries.

“So what is the alternative provided by the BRICS forum to the hegemonistic policy pressuring everyone into accepting that international world order?

I think BRICS provides a brilliant alternative for economic integration, especially for developing economies and the poorer nations, the so-called ‘third world countries,’ the Global South because BRICS stands for multi-polar relations…

BRICS nations stand against the Cold War ideology and propose a more just international economic world order based on equality that’s more beneficial for all participants. They advocate treating players as real partners in economic and commercial relations between the nations, as this kind of relationship ensures peace and international security.”

Diaz-Canel also says that members of BRICS are proposing to give up the US dollar in the context of international trade. According to the President, BRICS nations are planning to move away from the dollar to avoid any potential sanction from the US and its allies.

“A de-dollarization serves as a foundation for more inclusive, for more mutually beneficial relations, helping a big group of countries integrate their economies… Giving up the US dollar can help countries avoid any sanctions imposed by the US or other powers using the US dollar because the USA uses its currency to apply financial and economic sanctions.”

Diaz-Canel says the opportunities provided by BRICS could eventually lead to a new world order, one that is not controlled by the US, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank.

“Everyone understands the value, the prospects and the opportunities in trade and economic relations that open up when you do things the BRICS way.

Such an approach can gradually lead to a fair and more cohesive, inclusive and more democratic international economic order. In the end, it will bring peace, greater security and more opportunities in all areas. And then there will be no hegemony of the US or the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank.”