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Robinhood Retirement Reaches $500m in Investments

source-logo  financemagnates.com 07 June 2023 09:58, UTC

Since its launch in January 2023, Robinhood Retirement has sparked massive interest among retail investors. The company confirmed to Finance Magnates that its customers had invested half a billion dollars towards their future in their individual retirement accounts (IRAs), demonstrating the rising popularity of the retirement investment platform.

Robinhood's Clients Shows Interest in Retirement Offering

Robinhood Retirement's unique 1% annual match feature has contributed to its appeal, marking it as the only platform in the market to offer such a benefit. This was highlighted by Steve Quirk, the Chief Brokerage Officer of Robinhood, who has affirmed that the platform's competitive edge lies in the 1% annual match.

"We're excited to offer customers who transfer cash and eligible securities a 1% match on all outside funds, with no cap, in addition to the 1% annual match on contributions already offered by Robinhood Retirement," Quirk said. Initially introduced as a promotional offer in March 2023, this feature now finds a permanent place in Robinhood Retirement's offerings.

The response to Robinhood Retirement has been overwhelmingly positive. In its Q1 2023 earnings report, the company revealed that the total number of customer accounts added between retirement and brokerage this year matched the total number of accounts opened for all of 2022. This suggests that the novel retirement investment offering is gaining traction dynamically.

“Since we started rolling out Robinhood Retirement in January, Robinhood customers have invested half a billion dollars towards their future with their IRAs, and the Robinhood IRA is the only one in the market with a 1% annual match,” Quirk added.

Capitalize and Robinhood to Simplify 401(k) Rollovers

To further ease the investment process for its users, Robinhood Retirement recently partnered with Capitalize, a company that specializes in financial services. This strategic collaboration aims to help customers conveniently roll over their cash, making investments for the future even more accessible to the next generation of investors.

"This collaboration will significantly streamline and facilitate the process of rolling over funds for Americans," Quirk commented in March.

A 401(k) plan is a retirement savings scheme accessible to many American workers, which offers tax advantages to those who contribute to their savings. This plan is named after a particular provision in the US Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

According to the most recent announcement, the company is cautious following the US securities regulator's legal action against Binance and Coinbase, two major platforms for cryptocurrencies. The company's Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, Dan Gallagher, confirmed to Congress on Tuesday that they are currently scrutinizing their crypto offering.